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AMV recs

Memo to self: don't break your silence about vidding fandom in the middle of a work crisis.

I've got a backlog of comments, as I'm sure you understand, and have barely managed to step off my own LJ in the last day or two, but it's been a wonderfully rewarding conversation, both personally, and hopefully for the community I love as well. :)

I plan to make a follow-up post in a few days, when things are a little calmer, as lots of interesting suggestions and ideas have come out in the comments.

Some commenters discussed AMV and possible differences with vidding. As an extension of that discussion, supacat has posted some recs of different types of AMVs to address stereotyping. Even if you're not interested in the wider discussion, I highly encourage you to check out the vids if you don't know them already--they are all AMAZING. I know it is an extra step, but it really is worth registering at AMV to download (and it's not that harder than having to ask a vidder for a password to a protected site, right?).

*goes back to the backlog*
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