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Vividcon recs

I am still swimming against the current of Vividcon vids, via the DVDs, and trying to get round feedbacking. Apart from the humour panel (what? I have my priorities straight!) I've not got to the vidshow playlists yet. Seriously, I don't know how anyone with a full time job catches up with this stuff within a month. I'm trying to remind myself I've got a whole year to catch up. *wipes brow*

Anyway, it seems timely to make a few recs for posterity of my personal favourites from the con premieres. I like each of them for different reasons.

For being innovative
bradcpu and laurashapiro's Hard Sun. The inclusion of real fans in this tribute to Firefly fandom felt very fresh and exciting. Gave me lots of thinky about fannishness and personal identification in fandom. It felt both deeply personal and universal, which I'm realising is a combination I respond strongly to.

For the emotion
heresluck's Sea Fever (Slings and Arrows) I've never seen the show (people tell me I should) but I found this really moving and poignant.

jarrow's Learn to Crawl (Kara/Kat, BSG) is classic slash vidding at its best, drawing on the subtext and creating something grander. The emotional narrative carried me away despite all my problems with the source.

bananainpyjamas's We Are (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Instantly engaging, but gets better and better on rewatch. I love the message of personal responsiblity that it, and Sarah, insist on. Oh, Sarah!

obsessive24's Red Cliff, through the musicality of the vidding and the beauty of the source.

For the crazy wicked editing
Can Delight by Jescaflowne: I'm still trying to come up with words to sum up the editing... mostly I'm just marvelling dizzily. Also, hello, cheerleaders?! Eliza? Slayers? Slayers cheerleading? There's no bad here. Oh, the song's also horribly right: I love bad songs made good through vids.

bananainpyjamas's Break Teen Spirit in Four Minutes (Wanted) Shit-hot kinetic joy.

Ones which mean a lot to me personally
These two, along with talitha78's That's Not My Name, make me feel like the universe is spoiling me.

halcyon_shift's Army of Me (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)--it's my favourite show to my favourite song! (True story: dancing to this song, or at least the original, can bring your friends for life.) All kinds of cool that I'm still unpacking.

kiki_miserychic's Once Upon a Time (The Fall) That's right! A vid of The Fall! My favourite movie of all time. \o/ I love seeing someone else's interpretation of the story, and it uses an ace track. Prettiest source in the world.

There were many other vids I enjoyed, particularly some lovely character study work. There are also some pieces I'm still reflecting on and ones I think may grow on me in time. I'm not a one-view kind of person so while the above vids grabbed me very fast, I expect there to still be other favourites to come.
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