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Ten things to know about me, defriending amnesty, TV

It seems timely to update my things to know about me. It's been (gulp!) nearly four years since I wrote it. Most of it is still true but since my fannish activities have changed over the years and since I've recently been friended by a few people and we're about to enter the US TV cycle again, I thought people might like to know something a little more recent. ;)

It comes with a blanket defriending amnesty. I almost never mind when I get defriended. For realz. And if I do, well who cares? You don't have to hear about it anymore. :p My friendslist is getting to the totally unmanageable stage for me so I'll probably go through and defriend a few journals at some point based on diverging interests or not corresponding over a long period of time. As always, it's not an indication that I hate you. 95% of my posts are public so you're really not missing out on much.

1. I watch Smallville. I'm still watching Smallville, in its ninth season, and yes, I'm sure it's going to be some terrible television. Once upon a time, Smallville had visual metaphor and subtext and those days were glorious indeed. Now I watch for the pretty and the Clois (when it's not causing me grief), the common thread being Clark. I really don't know if Smallville will ever again warrant the essays I used to write about it, but I'm probably still going to comment on episodes. It may not be real 'meta' though. Who knows?

2. Battlestar Galactica broke my heart and stomped it into itty bitty tiny pieces. Yes, I am a Lee fan. Yes, I am a Lee/Kara shipper. I'm not going to apologise for being either. I was also an (initially affectionately) critical reader of the show and I think it massively copped out on its premise. I had to more or less leave the fandom to deal with that without hurting other people and I am still very sensitive about it. If I ever don't watch or read your BSG work or walk away from a BSG-related conversation, you can guarantee it's me not you and I'm doing so out of respect.

3. I'm sensitive to misogyny. Over the years in fandom, I've worked out I'm more sensitive to it than most. If I feel it to be present it can hold me back from enjoying certain material. It doesn't mean I think you're a terrible person for liking the shows I find misogynistic. I don't talk about them much. You can probably guess which ones they are by the fact that I don't (ever) post about them. :) I'm not into harshing squee though if I find a sympathetic ear somewhere I'll probably babble happily about my issues because holding unpopular opinions in fandom is lonely.

4. Vidding is kind of my fandom now. I do viddy things. Sometimes that means I'm reclusive because vidding is more fun than fandom (sorry!). Sometimes it means I rec. Sometimes it means I host chats (more on that this weekend! I haz plan!) or vidding meta or something. If it bores you, my apologies. As I've lost fandoms, I've found that vidding is the one thing that keeps me here and it's my big passion. I don't mind if it's not yours but a large number of my posts may be about that. You can occasionally take advantage of me by pimping your vid bunnies to me. Several people have done so successfully. ;) I love visual metaphor more than anything and so being a vid viewer is as much a part of my identity as being a vidder myself.

5. When I'm actively 'in' a fandom I often seem to have unpopular or unusual opinions. Fandom constantly baffles me. I expect it will continue to do so. I don't mean to be contrary but I seem to be built that way. I think if I were an animal I'd be that antelope grazing by itself that gets eaten by the lion because it doesn't hang with the crowd enough. Lucky I'm not an antelope! It's not about fandom, it's me: I've always been the one on the side thinking 'hmm, I don't really agree...'

6. Personality-wise, please see Lee Adama as the most accurate portrayal of my emotional make-up. Guilt complex, occasional horribly-angsted-over-and-regretted bursts of anger, overthinks things, wears heart on sleeve (except when repressing it and having ragefits or depression), blames self for everything, perfectionist, and the one lonely critical voice against the groupthink... not because I don't love the group but because I have strong principles and because I'm too much of an independent thinker. Despite all that if you're my friend I am fiercely loyal. I live half in my heart, half in my head and the conflict between them often makes me dizzy. Serial contrarian.

7. I hate conflict (despite possible recent appearances to the contrary) and if I think I've upset you I'll feel guilty about it forever (see point 6).

8. I'm wordy. I'm also very squeeful. If either of those things annoys you then you are might want to skip my posts or defriend.

9. I'm probably not going to be watching much TV this season. Smallville's the only thing currently on my list (hilarious, right?). Oh, I will be watching Dollhouse because it's stealing all my favourite actors, but I won't be writing about it. I may catch up on some older TV, you may or may not hear about it.

10. In terms of fannish activities: I am one of the sv_ledger editors, I beta read for freece and love betaing vids when I get asked. That, vidding and my own journal/friendslist keep me pretty busy. I rarely if ever read fic. If I read yours, it means I really really like you (or it). Don't take it personally if I don't--I'm just more into vids as a fannish expression. And I get enough reading in my real life (where I'm a freelance book editor and obsessive reader).

I leave you with a quote from 'The Getting of Wisdom': many a day came and went before she grasped that oftentimes just those mortals who feel cramped and unsure in the conduct of everyday life, will find themselves to rights, with astounding ease, in that freer, more spacious world where no practical considerations hamper, and where the creatures that inhabit dance to their tune: the world where are stored men's best thoughts, the hopes, and fancies; where the shadow is the substance, and the multitude of business pales before the dream. That describes fandom (at its best) beautifully to me. I'll be where the shadows are the substance...
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