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24 February 2003 @ 03:01 pm
Shaolin Warrior Dudes  
Went to the 'Shaolin Warriors' show at the Myer Music Bowl with Andy, Sarah and Ray. Laughed a lot. The show started with a lion dance which confounded me with its random cabbage. Ray explained in his usual straight-faced manner that the cabbage was what the lions were getting so (cutely! adorably!) worked up about; they eat cabbage.

'Always cabbage?'


'Why cabbage?'



The show itself was both impressive and hilarious.
Impressive elements:
- monks breaking steal bars over their heads (even more impressive to me when one failed to do so the first two times - Crack! Crack!- but persisted!)
- little somersaulting monks
- monks chopping vegetables on stomach
- monks having concrete smashed on their stomachs while lying on a bed of nails
- monks flying through the air (a lot)
- monk doing handstand on two fingertips
- funky kung-fu patterns (with various weapons...)

Hilarious elements:
- the music (think 80s kung-fu movie... but LOUD)
- the leaping in the air and falling to the ground (cracked Sarah's up every time - there was a lot of it)
- the moment when the guy from the audience pulled the cup off the monk's stomach with... no real difficulty at all (awkward pause)
- the complete lack of recognisable kicking (?tkdconfused?)
- the broom exercise (are they sweeping or practising?)
- the fluro outfits

My favourite moment, though, was when twenty monks raced onto the stage in a row and ... lay down. Was laughing so hard I nearly missed the moment when the guy at the head of the row began rolling underneath the other guys (all the other monks leapt off their palms/toes into the air as he went under - actually very difficult, no doubt!)