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So my one week holiday from Melbourne turned into a couple of weeks away from Livejournal. When I got back, all my online time went into writing commentaries for vid_commentary. Speaking of which, it's quite the commentary explosion there at the moment. And now that I'm finished mine I get to READ/WATCH OTHER PEOPLE's. \o/ \o/ *throws streamers around* I CAN'T WAIT.

acridnym wrote an incredible commentary for Clint Eastwood which has allowed me to achieve ZEN about it at last. (My own blatherings on it are here.)

And I got to write a commentary for 45 by bananainpjyamas, and I am proud to say achieved unprecedented levels of non-hatred for Bill Adama. (Aside: Does anyone else have the thing after writing a commentary of someone else's vid that it makes them want to watch it even more times?! You'd think watching a vid 100+ times for commmentary purposes would max you out, but nooooooooo! The opposite seems to happen for me: regardless of how much I liked it before, it rockets up my 'most likely to watch when have a random few mins to kill' list after writing about it.) Dragonchic's own commentary is here and it has cute graphics and vidding formulas!

Less excitingly, I made my first audio commentary: for Middleman. Quite honestly, I'm never likely to make one again. It was sort of hell and I got to say way less than I would have liked, which is pretty funny seeing I struggled to cut it to under 18 minutes. Sigh. I need to work on that tl;dr (or is it tl;dl?) thing. Dragonchic, I envy you your succinctness: I guess 'chic' isn't in your name for nothing. ;)

Other vidding-related announcement: vidding chats will recommence in November. The first chat, the weekend of 7-8 November, will be hosted in my journal but co-moderated by lim and it will be on visualising effects. (Seriously, you would be mad to miss that!)
The weekend of 14-15 November, heresluck will host a chat on creative growth.
The following weekend, 21-22 Nov, I'll host one on audience.
And I have several other chats almost confirmed--hopefully there will be one a week up until Xmas!

Reminder: Suggestions for topics gratefully received (from anyone!) here and sign-ups eagerly pounced on here.

So what did I miss? How is everyone? Chillaxed? I will be very grateful to anyone who links me to Stuff I Probably Wish I Hadn't Missed (vids released? important personal newses of friends? lolarious things?).

I have watched a lot of TV (duh!) and will post on that soon, no doubt.
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