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Post of grumpiness

My laptop just crashed, taking it with it an hour and half's worth of just-about-to-be-posted finger-on-the-post-button vid reccing. And they were damn good recs! Grr.

I don't usually post all grumpy, but it's technically my birthday now so I'm allowing myself this much leeway.

*stamps feet*

*hates PCs*

*stamps feet more*


Oh this sucks! *sobs* I put my heart into those recs. :(

Ok, I totally have to go to bed right now before my grumps prompt everyone to defriend me...

Let me just abbreviate my would-have-been post by saying that duskwillow and elyrnoss were both so kind as to grant my christmas wishlist-wish of vid recs here. And many gems were unearthed in the process. I was going to share them, but - as explained - crash. You should all prod me to pull myself back together and repost tomorrow. *mopes*

Special thanks to duskwillow for the personalised icon. *pats the pretty* It makes me feel better, darl!
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