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Smallville 9.06 Crossfire

Yeah, so, people, I hate the Clois. HATE. I just about combusted with rage at the kiss. I am so incredibly not on board with this. They've lost every iota of chemistry they ever had with me. To the point that I totally ship Lois with Oliver now--I always did like those two and they retain their chemistry for me. Whereas I absolutely hate the way Lois is written around Clark these days. Also, I desperately wish Clark had a plot this season... why are we never in his point of view? It's really pushing me 'out' of him again at the time when I felt most connected with him and most excited about his hero prospects. :(

Seriously, Oliver is the only character I give a damn about on this show any more. I would care about Clark but they never ever show us his perspective. Like where did that kiss come from? He felt a pang of jealousy seeing her with Ollie? I don't buy that that would tip him over the edge--he didn't even do anything last season when he really did feel something occasionally for her--and I haven't seen much more than mild, slightly patronising amusement from him this season. He at least needed to think he was seriously at risk of losing her. Whereas ACTUALLY he knows she's in love with both sides of him: Clark AND the Blur. And the writing team are choosing to focus on the part with least chemistry. We haven't had a phonebooth scene for ages...

Thanks, crappy writing team. Thanks a bunch.

Of course they're going to press a big reset button on all that happens here anyway so they needed to give me a plot I could actually care about, something I wouldn't want to see reset... but you know what? The sooner this is over and Lois stops being a fickle lovesick schoolgirl the better. RESET NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, please! Save me from this misery.

I honestly didn't expected to be THIS unimpressed with this season. On the other hand, the Oliver material continues to exceed my expectations, so unless you want to hear about how great Oliver is (and I'm guessing only about three people want to hear that), you won't be seeing much in the way of Smallville meta from me until this horror is over.

ETA: I do find it loltastic that Zod brings his own colour scheme with him wherever he goes, including Metropolis's only cafe. I also love that Mercy upstaged him by finding coffee elsewhere and thus not submitting to his washed out crappy colour scheme (at least that's totally what that cross-road coffee toast was about in my head! *g*
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