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The lost vid rec post

As I explained in my Post of Grumpiness, elynross and duskwillow granted my Christmas wish of vid recs and their links unearthed several gems that I wanted to share. I lost the original post, but here's the recap. I still have lots more exploring to do.

Come Undone AtS vid: character study (Connor)
From Psycho Fangirls I finally found the Connor vid I have been searching for! I saw this ages ago and I think it’s the best Connor vid I’ve seen (they’re rare!) but if anyone wants to rec me a better one, go on!

Patterns Smallville vid: Lex character study, based on episode Memoria
On the misc page of the same site, Psycho Fangirls, there is a pretty decent Lex vid, apparently the only Smallville vid on the site, though I hope they keep their promise of ‘more soon’.

Come Undone BtVS vid: Faith character study
Different Light, the Chemical Brothers track is a great choice for Faith, and the cutting is really well constructed to match the emotional arc of the vid. It’s not intensely reflective or angsty, but that’s good for Faith!

If I didn’t have you LotR vid: Gimli/Legolas
On Killa’s page, I found this gem of a humour piece (you guys know I like humourous vids, right? *g*). The song is so perfect for these two: even my boy has watched this several times with great delight! The other LotR vids on the page are also good.

Seven Nation Army LotR vid: Aragorn
Different Light also have great LotR vids. This one is an ultimate one for me as I love the song and it’s perfect for battle!Aragorn. *g* It’s a fav now!

All I want for Christmas: Smallville vid: Chlex
Among the spate of Christmas festivities, was a new vid from Becky here. It’s Chlex, of course, but her vids are always so much fun to watch and this was damn cute – if you are still in the Christmas mood go watch.

All I want for Christmas is you: Smallville vid: Clex
Even if you are NOT still in the Christmas mood, go watch this vid (same name!) by voldything, here. It will put a big grin on your face! And you’ll wish Christmas was not over.

Struggle AtS: Angel/Lindsay
Finally, I must rec Luminosity’s new Angel/Lindsay vid. It is so fabulous! Hee! Lindsay is endlessly amusing to me. Poor Lindsay.

I’d also like to rec two new SV vidders.

Bullet Proof: Clark character study
radioreverie’s vid Bullet Proof is based on the idea that Clark’s true vulnerability is emotional rather than physical – he may be able to survive bulletfire but he’s torn apart by the people he loves. It’s a reflective piece that gives quite a dark reading of Clark’s story. I like it because it connects to my argument that Clark’s journey is structured as tragedy. (For anyone interested, I discussed this in comments on norwich36’s journal over here. Clark character studies in vids are somewhat rare, although there are lots of Lex ones (anyone got a theory on why this is?) so this one’s a very welcome addition to my collection. radioreverie also has a Chloe POV vid and a Clana (yes, Clana!) vid that I admit to taking some perverse delight in (estrella30: it has *those* shots!!).
ETA: radioreverie

Rough Diamonds Smallville vid: Clois
darenothope has made two Clois vids. I like this one best - it's to a great track by End of Fashion. We need more Clois vidders, people – go support her! *g*
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