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Adam in Oz

So Adam Lambert is finally 'breaking' in Australia. His album got released this week and he's here for Mardi Gras. I'd been frustrated by the long delay in releasing his album, but now I'm finding a silver lining: at least in our country he doesn't have to go through any pretence at all about being openly gay. It's ok, Adam: we get it.

After all the American media coverage of Adam, it is refreshing to hear even our most conservative interviewers introduce him calmly and with an attitude of 'what WAS all that fuss about?' re. the AMAs. Though Alan Jones's rapturous praise of Adam does crack me up. (For non-Aussies: Jones is a conservative talkback radio host, closeted gay and general asshole but he does have an enormous audience so I'm sure he just gave Adam's record sales a boost... no doubt I'll hear my mother-in-law playing him next week...)

As anticipated, nearly all Adam's interviewers here mention his connection with Pink (he's been playing a cool acoustic version of Whataya want from me?). That's sensible marketing since she's so huge here. It's also a good sign that we've nicknamed him Lambo. Officially adopted: yay! The only thing I'm mildly embarrassed about in Australia is that now apparently every straight male interviewer thinks it's funny to pash him (nice little rant there at the start of this interview!).

But there is still one thing making me feel sad. I can't help but mourn the fact that Rove retired his TV show only a few months before Adam toured. Because who wouldn't want to hear who Adam would turn straight for? I think a Rove/Adam interview would have been ultimate--Rove has chemistry with just about anyone. And it'd have been ok, Adam, Rove wouldn't have pashed you... the Chaser boys already went there. Old news.

So since I have Rove/Pink nostalgia just thinking about the missed opportunity, here's one of their old interviews. Aww...! Pink's 20 in 20 is still my favourite but I wish Adam had had a chance to beat her.
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