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Slow on the uptake

So, it turns out not only am I the last person to get on board with a trend in fandom ... this pattern extends to my entire life. Witness these two recent revelations:

1. Jeans are comfortable and flattering!
I bought my first ever pair of Levis in the US last month. Backstory: when I was 18 my jeans got cut open on the Tube in London by someone trying to (one presumes) pickpocket my wallet. It was, now I think back on it, quite traumatising. I'd never directly related this to not wearing jeans (when people would ask I had a whole rant about how they were plebby) but it seems not implausible that they may be related. :D Anyway, jeans trauma was overcome in San Francisco where I slunk around the Levis store until I was brave enough to try some on. SO COMFYS OMG. I actually now own a second pair picked up in NYC. I may never wear a skirt again. I always thought jeans would make me look fat. *eyes mirror* Not so much.

2. Twitter is fun!
I have had a Twitter account for eons and never really used it. When I got back from the States, however, I started using my Twitter account to feel a little less far, faraway from Vividcon buddies, and it turns out... it's FUN! I like it! :D I still maintain ADAMANTLY that it only makes sense in Twitter context and that posting one's tweets to LJ is epicly boring, but proof of my conversion exists here. I would invite you to follow me but I'm no faster on picking things up there than I am here.

Thank you to everyone who left sweet messages on my previous post. I am doing better. *g*
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