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Revise, Wollongong, December 2010
Australian vidders and vid fans! Although we had to abandon plans for a formal Australian vidding convention this year, nushanakt has just announced details for Revise: The Art and Science of Contemporary Remix Cultures and we'd love to have an informal gathering of vidfolk there. Sing out if you are interested in attending and meeting up and we can organise some stuff around the conference. :)

If you haven't already heard, Vidukon is on the cards again in the northern hemisphere spring next year. A poll on dates and location and interest in helping organise over here.

Pilots Memorial/Revival Festival
Twitter results in some strange devlopments it seems... in a surprising (?!) turn of events, callmeonetrack, indigo419 and I are plotting some kind of Kara/Lee celebration/commemoration in the new year, probably around Feb 14 (pilots = love *g*). OK, I'm a bit foggy on dates (I wasn't in charge of that bit!), but stay tuned... Tara and Indi have it covered, I'm sure. :) Fics, vids, meta and squee will all be welcome but you'll have to answer to me if you so much as mention THAT FUCKING PIGEON.

I have pledged to make something for said festival... (IT'S WEIRD TO ME TOO! But they were very persuasive!) ... which brings me to the poll. I have recently, finally dug my BSG DVDs out of the closet of pain I shoved them into after the finale. And to my MASSIVE surprise, I actually have vids I want to make with them, but I am currently dithering about which to start with. Help!?

Which of the following should I make with the BSG DVDs?

Make the upbeat Kara/Lee vid
Make the epic, angsty Lee's-view-of-Kara vid (I will lol if anyone clicks this but am probably most likely to make it :p)
Make the sad/angry pilots vid about how we got left with pigeon shit
Remaster Middleman so it looks shinier
Remaster Southside so it looks shinier
Remaster Road Rage (lol: no one is going to tick this option! not even me!)
None of the above, you loser, no one cares about BSG any more, that is soooo 2007-08
Make something from a neeeeeew fandom, you idiot!

Where are the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist?! Get yourselves to this amazing, poignant and totally EPIC Songs for a Girl by jarrow. It's a Tyra/Landry vid in three movements, handling the nuances of their relationship--yes, even the part that made us think the show had jumped the shark--with exquisite restraint and delicacy. If you like the show and/or either of the characters AT ALL, watch it! Non-FNL-viewers: watch to see what you're missing. Some of the best vidding I've seen all year.

Also in my 'best vids of they year' category: absolutedestiny's Running Away, a gorgeous tribute to childhood imagination, friendship and shared dreams. The source is the movie 'Son of Rambow' but you do not need to have seen the movie to adore this. It is totally joyful.
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