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So good to see Community hasn't lost its pizzazz. That was a rocking way to start Season 2. Jeff's sexual/romantic history with Annie and Britta becomes public knowledge AND he gets punched in the face? Nice! Of course, Abed taking charge of the romantic 'adventure' could only bring win. :) However, I was very there for Britta and Jeff's competitive dating. Ok, it couldn't have been sustained any longer without getting old, but it was fun while it lasted. This episode also gets props from me for the inventive bedroom montage at the beginning. My favourite details included Troy's Spiderman t-shirt, Pierce's youthful portrait and Shirley's cross over her bed. Annie's pink bedroom made me nauseous. Which was fitting given that she spent the rest of the episode nauseous herself... (ugh, so glad Jeff blew her off! I liked their chemistry last season but it entirely vanished once she became limpet-y). I'm there for Chang joining the group as well. Especially since they've obviously understood that they still need a comedic lecturer. This seems a wise move to keep the material fresh. Speaking of which, the Twitter jokes were nicely handled. The delayed laugh was my favourite, since it commented not only on Twitter culture but also on Pierce being funny only when he's framed as funny (and horrifying the rest of the time). Fave line? "Since you have clearly failed to grasp the central insipid metaphor of those Twilight books you devour" OF COURSE Shirley reads Twilight. :D I imagine her actually breaking out the tissue box for the most sentimental parts. And owning Edward merchandise. Abed still PWNs the whole show. Can't wait for more!
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