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02 October 2010 @ 11:32 am
BSG Season 4  
Dear BSG Season 4

You really were a pile of shit, weren't you? I am so glad I bought you in the most discounted-y discount way I could find. Even just scrolling through you super-fast you are so clearly COMPLETE FUCKING NONSENSE. And every time I actually listen to the dialogue it's so WTF ridic that I almost laugh. Almost. Unfortunately you still fall short of actually funny. (Except when Tigh wades into the ocean--that really IS funny.)

I will grant that I did forget the following about you though:
1. Kara was still occasionally awesome (which is miraculous given how incomprehensible you made her).
2. Lee still occasionally said sane and logical things.
3. There were a couple of scenes I liked, mostly in the first half of the season, admittedly, but every so often later on as well. Ok, not many.


In all other ways I think it's far, far healthier for me to embrace my hate. I have recently decided that hate gets a bad rap as an emotion. It's awesome. It should get cuddles. Hating you makes me EUPHORICALLY HAPPY.

Hate-ity hate hate,
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