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Happy-making things

A very generous anonymous person upgraded my Dreamwidth account, which means I can start migrating my icons here! \o/ (Damon and Stefan approve!) It was such a lovely surprise (and hee, yes, ok, I'll get better at posting here! point taken!), and got me thinking about how grateful I am for all the good things in fandom this year. It's my happy place again! :D

I had thought that maybe the Vividcon bubble would burst and I'd come back down with a thud, but honestly I'm in a happy place right now--both in RL and creatively. In some ways I still feel the blanket of warmth that I found there wrapped around me.

[profile] wistful_fever posted that she had held off on posting her premiere because part of her didn't want Vividcon to be over... I feel the same way, but I'm not sure it is over for me, or I'm choosing for it not to be. I still have other posts I want to make about it and I don't care whether they're only for me or not. I have vids to rec. Yeah, I'm dragging things out, but when it might be a one-off experience (I honestly don't know) it's hard not to. And creatively I think what Vividcon gave me more than anything was the courage to engage with people in conversation again, to trust myself again, at least a little bit. And those conversations I'm having at the moment with people, by email or comments or chat, are fuelling me and keeping me determined and brave in not letting go of this creative energy. So, thank you, fandom! Thank you, world!

Any way, I want to take time to rec Fabella's Whatever You Need, one of the best vids out of Vividcon 2010, in my opinion. My little personal story with it is that on the first day, when [profile] wistful_fever told me she had vidded Boys Over Flowers for her premiere, I was so excited and in some strange way I felt instantly more at home. In my time away from Western fandom, I'd watched a lot of K-dramas and J-dramas (and Bollywood movies) and I hadn't expected to have a little of that show up at Vividcon. It was one of those rare joys--and then [profile] wistful_fever's vid rendered me speechless during premieres. It is so full of warmth and love and emotion, and, yes, romanticism. I put on an awful front about not being a romantic, but stuff like this totally makes me come all undone. Aesthetically, I love the use of colour and texture in this vid, and also the tender use of hand imagery from the source. It's a vid that rewards re-watching and will be treasured by me for long to come.
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