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Dear Festividder

Please don't hate me!! I have visions of you cursing me for liking such crazy stuff, but ... we must have matched on something right?! And I am actually so easy going if you made me something else entirely and just said it was for me? I would probably love it. Most of all, I hope you vid a song you really like and have fun vidding.

Ok, so here's what I requested
Coffee Prince
If you vid either of my non-Western fandoms you will score so many bazillion bonus points by even laying one clip down that it really doesn't matter what you do with that clip. :p Basically I know the chances of this are 1000 to 1 or something, but I figured why the heck not at least ask? I became insanely, belatedly addicted to Coffee Prince this year. I'd known it was huge and was curious one day to see what all the fuss was about. Half an ep in there was no turning back... this show is more addictive than, well, caffeine. I love all the leads, but Eun Chan and Han Sung are my favourites (though not necessarily together--not that I'm opposed to that either). I did come round to Han Kyul as well and Lee Sun slowly won me over too, so ... really... vid anyone! I think ensemble would be very fun, of all the princes. The more No Sun Ki you can work in there the better--he's totally my favourite of the smaller parts, but I guess he's everyone's. Who can go past waffle guy?!

Nodame Cantabile
This is my happy land, a place of total escapism. It still surprises me that I ship a main couple on any show so completely, and especially when these two are so crazycakes, but there's something so utterly and completely charming about them and I go into ridiculous romantic happy bubble every time I watch this show. If I feel sad? I watch an episode of Nodame. It helps that Nodame and Chiaki are surrounded by other adorable characters as well (I totally ship Mine/Kiyora as well and Masumi is adorable too), but Nodame's the heart of the show. I totally adore Chiaki's intenseness and how comedic that is on the show. I love the ridiculous vibe--without it I couldn't get into the romance. But that doesn't mean you have to do both (or either) in a vid. I tend to think of whimsy when I get song ideas for the show but I'd totally go the over-the-top shipper vid too.

(Aside: if anyone wants pimped in to either of these and/or wants to be hooked up with the source material for either of these, please let me know because I lack friends who like either! Though I have managed to get one RL friend so hooked on Coffee Prince she's constantly emailing me 'when can I watch moooooore?!' emails plaintively, hee hee hee.)

Ok, so apart from that I picked movies, so maybe you like one of these?! *hopeful*

Empire Records
The world neeeeeeeds a good Empire Records vid. It is there to be made. I think what I wrote was 'A vid that captures the quirky quality of the movie and the 'little guys beat the man' storyline'. This is still on my top ten movie list for the sheer good fun (and also because it reminds me of one of my student jobs). It's hilarious and wonderful escapism. And musically? You could go any which way with it... thanks to the wide representation of musical genres in the film itself.

The Fall
The degree to which this movie is my favourite movie of all time is not even funny. I adore everything about it. It is so incredibly, sumptuously beautiful that I could wallow in the visuals alone... I think the heart of the movie is the messed up but beautiful relationship between Roy and Alex. I'm capable of finding their journey alternatively enchanting or disturbing, tragic or uplifting, and that's part of what makes me keep on coming back. I adore the portrayal of depression as something that makes you do horrible selfish fucked up shit to others (true) and the way Alex's innocence is the perfect mirror for Roy, in the end, to see what he is doing. Alex herself enchants me and her attempts to assert herself over the narrative delight me, as does the fact that she plays 'hero'. Really, anything will make me ecstatic.

Grosse Point Blank
It's insanely out of character for me to like a romantic comedy, the J-drama and K-drama above notwithstanding. I think I only like this one because it's about a hitman. ;) I do love it. It's the absurdity, I think--I'm always a sucker for absurdity. Again, one of my favourite movies ever and I've never seen a vid for it. Truthfully I can't really imagine a vid for it that's not about Martin, and that's probably what I'd like best.

Phoebe in wonderland
This is a gorgeous little movie that I find fascinating. It has a similarity to The Fall in that it deals again with the blurry line between childhood imagination and reality. I found Phoebe's struggle to be really moving, and I think it would be great to see a vid explore that visually.

The Runaways
So I watched this movie on the plane coming back from the States and found it surprisingly compelling. I shouldn't have been a snob about Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning--I thought they were both excellent and had a lot of charisma and chemistry in their roles. I think the movie would make unbelievably good vid material too. The whole rockstar thing would be so fun to play with and I really liked a lot of the cinematic handling. So much grungy pretty!! I would most like a Cherie/Joan vid, but if you prefer Joan's story on its own that's totally cool too (or even Cherie's on its own).

Whip It
So I asked for 'action based vid about Bliss joining the team, preferably playing up the femslash aspect and the girl power'. That pretty much sums it up. This movie was heaps of fun, I think it would make a GREAT action vid with all that crazy roller derby footage, and I even threw in a song suggestion ('New in Town' by Little Boots), only because I honestly think it's a good match. Please by no means feel limited by that--I am sure there are heaps of other songs out there that would be fun for it as well. I think in terms of upbeat joy this movie is a vid waiting to happen.

OK, um, THANK YOU!!!!

I have my own assignment and it took me 20 minutes to find the PERFECT song. \o/ I am so psyched about the track I get to vid--it's one of my favourites EVER and is going to be killer with the source.

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