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31 October 2010 @ 12:04 pm
The Vampire Diaries 2.07 Masquerade  
It's ok, Vampire Diaries, I have not forgotten about you! In fact, I had to rewatch you because you were so brilliant.

Team Kill Katharine were awesome. Loved them! Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline all pitching in! Stefan getting all kill-y! Loved it! I also loved how hard it was to keep Elena out of the way. Elena is so incredibly sensible, and so protective (her playing mum to her aunt totally sums up her personality!) so of course she would never support going after Katharine head on. And in a way she was right: it was incredibly dangerous. I loved all the double-crossing and back-up plans on both sides. The best of all was having Katharine's 'friend' witch stab her in the back. Katharine only knows how to manipulate others... if you play people, you will get played. I like it. I also like that Bonnie got to connect, albeit briefly, with another witch in her family. I enjoyed their exchange and liked the framing of Bonnie as the 'good' witch who needs to be at the centre of things to keep things in check (but wow, that's a big price for Bonnie to pay personally!).

Are they setting up Jeremy/Bonnie? I don't know how I feel about that... I found their exchanges interesting from a Jeremy point of view, because Bonnie is the opposite of him--rejecting what Jeremy finds so glamorous.

Caroline is AMAZING! It was so wonderful to see her get her revenge for Katharine using her as a pawn. And her capacity to grow up and protect others when it matters was really moving. I still don't really care for Tyler, but I think her actions in trying to cover for him were very noble. I think she did it more for Matt than anyone, and I love her protectiveness of him. I also really like that she recognised her own situation in Tyler's... the accidental killing, a mistake, supernatural healing abilities. She's playing out rescuing (and forgiving) herself through someone else!

The rightness of locking Katharine in the tomb was so enjoyable that I almost can forgive them not killing her. Speaking of... ok, what's the deal there? Which Salvatore brother decided that? Both of them? And does Elena know? Oh, Damon... you looked so gloriously pretty and tortured when you locked Katharine away.

My favourite Damon moment, though, was his rage!eyeroll at hearing Kat's ridiculous Bon Jovi concert stalking Stefan story. Hee! Also enjoyed his parodied subservience in giving her a drink before smashing her face into a wall. Stefan, Damon and Katharine locked in a room together was a pretty ultimate scenario!

I liked that Elena couldn't immediately get back together with Stefan. She really does need some normalcy and a sense of safety--that seems really in character. However, now there is this new, bigger plot (of course! yay!)... I hope it's not going to be used as an excuse to get them back together again ('you're in danger regardless of me therefore why not be together?') but hey, even if it is, there will be lots else to enjoy in the show, I'm sure. :)

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bofoddity on October 31st, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
I can't get over how good this show is. asdgasdasgasd!

I'm just so completely in love with Nina Dobrev, Elena and Katherine. I saw some commentary in this episode about how Nina started mixing the mannerisms of Elena and Katherine in this episode, but whether that's true or not I was still incredibly impressed with how menacing and scary Katherine is and how caring and sensible Elena was in comparison. I love how she's remained so normal and relatable during the series, and while I hope she gets more tied to the main plot (Team Kill Katherine was awesome, but it bugged me a little to see Jeremy there as part of the hero gang instead of Elena) I also hope they won't terminate her normality and relatability. Those things make her so great!

I also find it really interesting how explosive the chemistry between Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley is when Nina is doing Katherine, while there just isn't much when Nina is Elena. I actually like Stefan/Elena a lot on paper (their wangst is very tiring, but at they're best they're the more functional version of Buffy/Angel) and when they're cute they're really really cute, but Stefan/Katherine is just so much more believable.

I've finally warmed up to Jeremy and Tyler for good, so I don't mind Jeremy/Bonnie that much, although they are more interesting on gen level because of their conflicting approaches to the supernatural. I also really liked the Tyler/Caroline-interaction, in which Caroline indeed was Awesome McAwesome, and Tyler has grown up a bit and and therefore is more mature, and it was great how they set-up his downfall. I hope he and Caroline will continue to interact and come to terms with their new lives while they're at it.

I loved that Bonnie got to meet another family member, and that Lucy was so cool! It'd be great if she stuck around, although I suspect it would be unhealthy for her. :\

I liked those Damon-moments too, but I think my favorite was his final scene where he locks Katherine up in the tomb. I also loved it when he talked Stefan out of backing out on their plan. I love that Elena's awesomeness is acknowledged in this fandom but damn, the slashers don't know what they're missing.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Damon/Stefanbop_radar on October 31st, 2010 09:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, that's interesting about Nina mixing up the mannerisms. I do think she does a great job of being menacing as Katherine. It's not easy to play two roles like that and I think she does a good job. And hey, that's so true about her chemistry with Stefan!

in which Caroline indeed was Awesome McAwesome, and Tyler has grown up a bit
Haha! Perfect description! :) Yes I loved it.

I know! It's great to be in a fandom where the lead female isn't constantly badmouthed and disregarded, but at the same time... the slashers REALLY ARE missing out!
Magali - Lady Gawain: elena and bonnie magic: by burgundy shoeladygawain on October 31st, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)
Hi there,

I'm a long-time lurker of your SV reviews, and just realized that you write about TVD as well, yay, because it's my new favorite show ever! Especially with SV being so.... SV all the time :/

I agree with everything. My friend and I compared Team Kill Katherine to an almost Ocean's 11-type heist team. Damon is, of course, Rusty with his ever-present glass of alcohol and the snarky commentary. The whole team was happy-making.

I'm in love with Lucy-Katherine right now. I love that Lucy played her back in the end, I kind of love it whenever Bennett witches don't fall in line, to be honest and every single one that we've met has done it to the vampires and then some. It makes a troubling relationship between witches and vampires on this show much more intriguing and fun.

Stefan, Damon, Katherine (and Elena through the spell) in a room was pretty much amazing. I hope Stefan and Elena don't get back together for a long while. I prefer to see them angsting away and it gives room for Elena to just be, and it was very much in character. I actually really liked Matt and Elena. I keep thinking of the possibility of them getting together at the end of all this madness, in ten years or so, and the two of them living a 'normal' life.

I adore Bonnie and Caroline, whatever they do, and they were both stellar in this episode. I'm confused about J/B, mainly because I don't understand when Jeremy became mildly attractive to me. It's very odd. Caroline and Tyler is something I could really get behind, she's so strong and protective and just awesome.

Anyway, thanks for your review :)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Damen bearbop_radar on October 31st, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Hi! Nice to 'meet' you! Yes, as you can see, I have rather migrated to The Vampire Diaries. I need a sanity break from SV. I am sure I'll post about Smallville again at some point, but it is just so... sigh.

an almost Ocean's 11-type heist team
Yes! They kind of were!

I kind of love it whenever Bennett witches don't fall in line
I agree! They're so firmly their own entity, and it makes for a lot more dramatic tension.

prefer to see them angsting away and it gives room for Elena to just be
Me too! And like you, I kind of do like the idea of Matt/Elena, though I must say I don't like the way Elena takes him a little for granted at this point (I feel). I also like Caroline/Matt so I'm torn.

I don't understand when Jeremy became mildly attractive to me.
HA! I found him attractive from day one because the actor is very pretty (he shone in a suit in this ep, admittedly), but it definitely had to overcome the over-emo-teenage-boy thing Jeremy's had going on. I think Jeremy has great potential, he just needs some edge. ;)

Great to hear from other people enjoying the show! :)
(no subject) - amnisias on November 1st, 2010 12:59 am (UTC) (Expand)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Damon/Stefanbop_radar on November 1st, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
Yiiiikes! I hadn't considered that. But that would be COOL! Maybe you're in tune with the neverending twists?! I don't know! From what they showed us I can't work out how that would be, as I can't see why Elena would say all that stuff like 'you need me' to Damon ... but I can see why you would fear such a thing on this show. ;)