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The Vampire Diaries 2.07 Masquerade

It's ok, Vampire Diaries, I have not forgotten about you! In fact, I had to rewatch you because you were so brilliant.

Team Kill Katharine were awesome. Loved them! Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline all pitching in! Stefan getting all kill-y! Loved it! I also loved how hard it was to keep Elena out of the way. Elena is so incredibly sensible, and so protective (her playing mum to her aunt totally sums up her personality!) so of course she would never support going after Katharine head on. And in a way she was right: it was incredibly dangerous. I loved all the double-crossing and back-up plans on both sides. The best of all was having Katharine's 'friend' witch stab her in the back. Katharine only knows how to manipulate others... if you play people, you will get played. I like it. I also like that Bonnie got to connect, albeit briefly, with another witch in her family. I enjoyed their exchange and liked the framing of Bonnie as the 'good' witch who needs to be at the centre of things to keep things in check (but wow, that's a big price for Bonnie to pay personally!).

Are they setting up Jeremy/Bonnie? I don't know how I feel about that... I found their exchanges interesting from a Jeremy point of view, because Bonnie is the opposite of him--rejecting what Jeremy finds so glamorous.

Caroline is AMAZING! It was so wonderful to see her get her revenge for Katharine using her as a pawn. And her capacity to grow up and protect others when it matters was really moving. I still don't really care for Tyler, but I think her actions in trying to cover for him were very noble. I think she did it more for Matt than anyone, and I love her protectiveness of him. I also really like that she recognised her own situation in Tyler's... the accidental killing, a mistake, supernatural healing abilities. She's playing out rescuing (and forgiving) herself through someone else!

The rightness of locking Katharine in the tomb was so enjoyable that I almost can forgive them not killing her. Speaking of... ok, what's the deal there? Which Salvatore brother decided that? Both of them? And does Elena know? Oh, Damon... you looked so gloriously pretty and tortured when you locked Katharine away.

My favourite Damon moment, though, was his rage!eyeroll at hearing Kat's ridiculous Bon Jovi concert stalking Stefan story. Hee! Also enjoyed his parodied subservience in giving her a drink before smashing her face into a wall. Stefan, Damon and Katharine locked in a room together was a pretty ultimate scenario!

I liked that Elena couldn't immediately get back together with Stefan. She really does need some normalcy and a sense of safety--that seems really in character. However, now there is this new, bigger plot (of course! yay!)... I hope it's not going to be used as an excuse to get them back together again ('you're in danger regardless of me therefore why not be together?') but hey, even if it is, there will be lots else to enjoy in the show, I'm sure. :)

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