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Lip Service 1.3

OK, ok, I'm transitioning out of detached amusement at how Lee/Kara this show is, and moving more into OMGILOVETHISCHARACTERSOMUCH mode. And, if anything, Frankie was even MORE Kara to me in this episode.

Oh, Frankie!!!! Wee!Frankie is dead. :( Wow! She really does have epic angst. Seeing the butterfly wallpaper in the flat was really creepy and I must admit to being totally hooked into the story of her past. Must. Keep. Watching!!

Angst aside, I really liked seeing Frankie hang out with her friends more in this episode. While I love the Frankie/Cat tension, it was refreshing to see what she's like as a person in her own right, beyond the UST with Cat. I definitely found her steadfast resistance to being upfront about the necklace very Kara-like (at least she didn't faceplant that chick into the table?). She's a good friend too though, looking after Jay's ridiculous drugged PA chick, and so on. And of course, I enjoyed her audacity at taking the job at Cat's work. Unsettling Cat?! ALWAYS FUN.

Oh dear, poor, terribly-uptight Cat! I would LOL at her but she's too sweet to hate. She was so very troubled by that meeting where Jay was late, and by losing the account, and she so deserved to be yelled at by Sam about it. By the way, I like Sam, who if I'm to continue my BSG analogy is technically Dee in my scenario... but she's much more awesome (sorry, Dee!). I like that she snapped at Cat and that she has a serious, scary side. She's not a pushover and she seems like a really good person who I suspect is very good at her job, very self-contained, and OMG Cat so needs someone to get her outside her own head. So I totally can't dislike her and I enjoy her and Cat together.

That said... totally still a Frankie/Cat shipper at heart... Frankie seeing Cat and Sam all smooshy and happy across the road totally reminded me of that. :(( At least Frankie has someone to entertain her in the meantime, I guess, though I'm not crazy about Sadie, she's a bit too sly for my taste.

Truthfully, I've grown rather fond of Tess as well. The actress is charming enough that the cliched 'I'm a disaster zone' thing isn't actually as grating as I expected it to be at the outset. And hey, she's certainly easy to relate to. ;) Eep, the scene where she ran into someone from her old school was very close to home for me! God, I hate it when that happens. 'Are you married?' 'How many kids do you have?' *eyeroll* The one element I'm a bit uncomfortable with Tess about is Ed, her tagalong wannabe boyfriend. :/ But him aside, she's charming and I do feel for her in this disastrous roller-coaster with Lou. She's a romantic tragic but her heart is in the right place, and hey, Lou chased her, the girl is totally giving her conflicting signals! It's fair enough to be a bit of a headcase over it.

One of my favourite scenes was Cat coming home to find Tess vacuuming. Cat's look of shock/joy was so cute, and Tess is delightful when she's excited. I loved seeing what an awful, terrible liar Cat is. No, it is clearly NOT ok with her that Tess move in with Frankie. Hee! I love it how everyone in the friendship circle plows valiantly on acting as if the two of them are normal when they are clearly SO EPICLY NOT NORMAL about one another. So funny!

I must say, I'm also really enjoying having a Scottish show I like. I was born in Scotland, my family all come from there (both sides) and we visited a lot when I was younger. It feels very familiar and I do think some of my attachment to Frankie is being triggered by the familiarity of those judgmental Scottish family voices in my head. Scotland in my inner landscape is definitely a place of family secrets and a struggle for acceptance, but also a lot of warmth and familiarity... this show is kind of jacking into all of that in my head, it's weird. I can feel it happening but can't really stop it! It's nice to hear Scottish voices on my TV though. :)

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