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The Good Wife 2.05

Eeee! TV!! How did you become so good again? This episode of The Good Wife was amaaaaaaaaazing! (Memo to self: get Good Wife icon!)

Loved, loved, loved the whole messy set-up and everyone's attempts to scrabble around and unpick whether to go for it or not, and how to hold on to their values at the same time. Diane's journey was particularly gripping--from being biased in favour of Kent to being completely turned off by his wife's insipid attempt to manipulate her. Ugh! Yay, Diane!

Also, much yay Will! OMG he PUNCHED THAT LAWYER IN THE FACE!!! Eeeee! &hearts &hearts &hearts That guy pushed waaaay past the red line! And though it was a very awkward fight, I can't help but think of Kalinda saying 'you look good in action'. ;)

Also, did he really break a girl's heart in college when he fell in love with Alicia? Did I read that scene right?! I find his girlfriend rather endearing but hard to read and at first I thought that was a total joke but then he looked all SRS!face about it, so I'm not sure? I do like her though, especially because she knows he's in love with someone else (I think she knows who, as well? or am I just starting to suspect that EVERYONE has ulterior motives in this 'verse?).

Eli was absolutely ADORABLE in his puppy-like spasms of joy about Kent endorsing Peter. Eee! This show seems to bring out some inner evil in me, because I know he is completely despicable and I hate everything he stands for and yet... I love watching him SO MUCH. Also that story about Will made me ship him and Alicia even more. That is so very, very wrong of me, but eeeeee!

I greatly enjoyed Peter angsting over that voicemail message. ANGST, Peter, ANGST your ugly little heart out! You will never deserve her.

I loved Kalinda and Blake being used in opposite directions... the only thing the episode lacked was a confrontation between those two but after last week's spectacular car-smashing action, I can wait a little while for further payoff.

I thought the episode built a lot of suspense around how hard to read the assault victim was. I was definitely going through the same journey as the lawyers, alternatively asking myself 'doesn't she seem too calm?' or thinking 'her confused story could be the result of shock'. Ultimately, it was awful but believable that she wouldn't press charges. Even just seeing the way Blake trashed her apartment, literally turned over her life, in one night of just considering taking the case further, made it clear how hideous a prospect it would be. And if you're not squeaky clean, then do you stand a hope in this system? Even if you are squeaky clean, do you stand a hope!

There were so many wonderful lines in this episode: 'Great men like video games!'; 'The goal is not to have heroes'; 'Really? I thought the goal was to die with the most money'; 'Diane doesn't have heroes and more and the firm is going to be trounced tomorrow for dragging a saint into the gutter'.


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