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The Good Wife 2.06

Ohh, you are going to pay for that, Blakey.

What is it about this show that makes me totally GLEE when people out manoeuvre one another? Even for terrible ends? There's something so seductive about the struggle to best one another in all these muddy waters. It means that even when the 'wrong' person wins, I feel like I have to 'pay' their efforts. Thus with the case this week, and specifically the twist that it was Lockhart & Gardner who 'lost'. I liked the big-fish-gets-eaten-by-bigger-fish feel of that... there's always a bigger shark lurking out there. Michael J Fox was wonderful. (Still, I think Lockhart and Gardner can be proud that they at least got a win of sorts! Aww, Diane looked so happy!)

On matters Kalinda-related, I have more mixed feelings. Part of me doesn't want to see all Kalinda's secrets dragged out the show, and I hope that's not where we're going. I like her as an enigma. I trust that we won't see that happen because writing a story where Blake ends up winning? Would be absolutely sickening. The other thing which makes me feel a little more secure is the strong feeling that Kalinda's sexuality is the very least of the secrets she'd rather didn't come out. If she's hiding it, I suspect it's only because it covers something actually damaging. (Maybe Donna knows something about her real background?)

It's really hard for me to see Lili Taylor as anyone but Lisa from Six Feet Under, and I have to say her character here was reminiscent, in the most annoying ways, of Lisa, who I never liked. That slightly space-cadet preciousness ... I don't like it at all. I think I would have found her more sympathetic if she had really truly backstabbed Kalinda in a clever way (which would have been appropriate for this world), rather than just falling in with Blake just because he came hunting. As it was, the whole jealous ex thing didn't win her my sympathies. Not exactly a big surprise that Kalinda is a heartbreaker!

I'm sure the Alicia/Kalinda shippers will be doing cartwheels over the implications that Donna threw out at the party, but I kind of feel that she really did have the wrong end of the stick. I mean, I totally buy that Kalinda finds Alicia attractive and has a massive soft spot for her (it's very rare for her to let anyone under her armour the way she does Alicia, and they were super cute together in the party before Donna and Blake showed up), but I also think she's realistic and well able to keep things in perspective. I don't think she has any active intentions towards Alicia, in fact I think she'd be offended that the real friendship she has is interpreted only through a sexual lens. (I suspect Alicia is more special to Kalinda as a friend than a lover would be.)

I am glad we have some real dirt on Blake now, but it makes me want to grab Will by the arm and drag him away from Blake. Eek! I do kinda love evil!Will though. He was very amusing when he asked for the violent animal trial tapes. :) I hope that what we get out of Blake's plot eventually is an exploration of where the line is for both Will and Diane in getting him to dig up evidence. They've both now used him at times with a brief that is pretty much 'do whatever it takes'... that's going to come back to bite them at some point because I think they are deliberately choosing not to see what they are really doing there.

The scenes between Cary and Kalinda were great fun, I'm still really enjoying him in his new role.

Eli fun as always too, particularly the delicious play of the 'plant' in his office (his acting on the telephone was gorgeous!). And he was so funny with Alicia. I loved her frowny at his 'next time I'll bring you something good'. Was she thinking 'Eli's idea of "good" is probably even more scary than his idea of "bad"'? :D Yes, he is a scary strange little man. &hearts

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