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Festivids recs

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure everyone has recced already, but I don't care. :p I am so excited with this year's [community profile] festivids I just have to squee!

First, mine is QUITE CLEARLY the most awesome. It's for 'The Fall', my all-time favourite movie, and it's called Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, which is a brilliant title if you know the movie. Lyrically this is a fantastic song choice--so resonant for the source--and I am totally mesmerised and in love with the vid and I'm only being vaguely restrained because I want to pour over it and write commentary for it in detail later. \o/ Even if you don't know the movie, you should watch the vid because
a) the vidding is EXCELLENT--so subtle, so clever
b) it is extraordinarily beautiful source
c) it has Lee Pace in it and he's VERY pretty
d) it will make you want to watch the movie, which you TOTALLY SHOULD DO.

Other faves so far:
L.E.S. Artistes, Sarah Connor, Terminator movies--gah, great song choice for her

Space Oddity, Troy and Abed, Community, to one of my all-time favourite songs, so quirkily perfect.

Jaded, Velvet Goldmine, a gloriously sophisticated yet gritty take on this visually sumptuous movie.

We Won't Run, Children of Men--I'm thrilled by this because Sarah Blasko is one of my favourite Australian songsters and the movie one of my favourites. Gorgeous use of Sarah's haunting track--made me cry!

Tik Tok, Back to the Future movies--INCREDIBLY good fun! Great, crack-y song-source match.

Hurt, Batman Beyond--really striking, powerful storytelling.

TV taught me how to feel, Abed, Community--yessss, another Community vid, BUT IT'S SO GOOD. Really brilliant song for Abed.

Amnesia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind--again, a brilliant song-source match, and sensitively vidded, really captures the movie (which I love).

There is a WEALTH of other awesomeness out there and I've got lots more watching to do. Isn't [community profile] festivids THE BEST?!!

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