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I'm in hell

... and not the interesting one.

Torrents are a bitch this week: I was up and down all night checking the first one that proved to be a fake. I think I've found a good one now but I have to go out soon... and I really can't cancel on people, not that I haven't thought about that. Looks like it's going to be tomorrow before I get to see 'Lockdown' and I'm not even thinking about BSG yet.

On top of that it's roasting hot and heading for a high of 41 tomorrow. *whimpers* I don't cope well in the heat. Plus it's made all my fruit go off.

I tried to cook dinner last night and it was such a disaster we ended up throwing it out and getting takeaway.

Also, someone's trying to poison me... well, I exaggerate there a bit. But seriously, hot chocolate is not meant to be electric blue! *stares*

It's quite possible I would feel a lot better if I drank some more coffee but I fear dehydration.
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