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MV: Puppy Powers (Marry Me, Mary!)

Song: Every Goliath Has Its David
Artist: The Boy Least Likely To
Fandom: 매리는 외박중, horribly translated as either 'Marry Me, Mary!' or 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'
Summary: Indie musician and big-time music producer face off for the love of a girl (Mary). Arranged marriage versus long-term dating relationship... which will be the ultimate winner?
For: [personal profile] alexandral--thanks for pimping me this show!
Notes: I am head over heals for this couple, and particularly the guy, Jang Geun-Suk, who plays the charming Mu-Gyul in this drama. The drama itself is pretty low-key but the chemistry between the couple is so stellar it's no wonder they rapidly became the biggest couple of the year in Korea.

You absolutely do not need to have watched the drama to watch this--it's straightforward romance (with some quirkiness).

I threw this together in the last week before I left to travel to see family and then go to Vidukon. I debated tidying it up more, after inflicting it on a few people at Vidukon. But really I think I just need to release it to the universe... the changes I would make wouldn't dramatically change the viewing experience. This vid was very 'of the moment' in the sense that I was (and am) in an intensely romantic state of mind. Therefore I am happy leaving it 'as is', even if I could adjust some technical things more effectively. It flowed straight from my heart to the timeline so that seems more important...

My thanks to those who watched on my iPod at Vidukon: [personal profile] laurashapiro (I will always remember her exclaiming 'oh, that's a *guy*!' halfway through), [personal profile] obsessive24, [personal profile] such_heights (thank you for believing in their loove!) and [profile] halcyon_shift et al. in room 513, and [profile] brokenmnemonic and [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s for watching it BIG but with horrible aspect ratio. ;)


71 MB mp4

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