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Vidding meme Day 1

Posting [personal profile] sdwolfpup's Vidding Meme

Day 1 – How did you first get into vidding, and what was the first fandom you vidded? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
Smallville pulled me into vidding--it was also the first fandom to pull me thoroughly into fandom (though I'd read fanfic intermittently for ten years). Smallville broke me. The first vid I watched (shown to me by [personal profile] supacat who had no idea what she was starting but I suspect is gleefully pleased with herself anyway) was [personal profile] astolat's cheeky, funny, bouncy 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. She showed me a bunch of other Smallville vids too, and I spent a great deal of time sniffling over [personal profile] rivkat's 'Running up that hill'. Yeah, I was all about the Clex back then. Straight away I started HEARING ALL MUSICS in a NEW WAY. Basically: is this a vid or not and what vid is it? But I didn't admit that to myself for a good, oh, year or two. During which time I discovered the delightful [personal profile] talitha78 and her sense of humour and many, many Clex wonders, and I fangirled the hell out of her and she gently encouraged me to try making my own vids. (I was all 'nooo! I could not do it!!')

Eventually I succumbed to the inevitable and (since I don't really do things by halves) bought a Macbook, hit [personal profile] supacat up for some basic vid training (i.e. 'how to move the video bit onto the music bit' <--no really, it was that amazing), cried a great many times in the process of getting FCP set up, and generally began how I would continue: intimidated, anxious, fearful but determined.

And then I proceeded to make a Kara/Leoben vid.

*dies of laughter*

Sometimes my psychology, I laugh at it.

Well, technically I made a Smallville vidlet first. It was actually quite sweet though very simple, about 40 seconds long. But when I came to tackling a whole vid I was waaaaaaaaay too nervous to vid a ship I was invested in (I would have to do them justice!! Other people did it so much better!!). So I started by making a vid for [personal profile] kristiinthedark whose love for CKR was very endearing, and who I was excited to have just lured into Battlestar fandom (my second big fandom) and who naturally also liked Kara... and I had a song that I loved at the time which was very claustrophobic and yeah, they smooshed in my head and I made 'Did u eva'. Which I can no longer find anywhere! So if anyone has a copy, I'd be most appreciative... although I recall it to be a) pretty terrible, b) not at all reflective of my feelings about Leoben actually, c) possibly slightly better regarding Kara psychology but still a bit o.O.

In both cases, Smallville and Battlestar, SHIPPING pulled me in. In Smallville, Clark/Lex, and in Battlestar Kara/Lee. I think, honestly, if I had seen vids without being a shipper I may have found them cool but I'm not sure I'd have developed the same burning desire to vid myself. Shipping generated a lot of emotional energy/adrenalin for me that blasted through my fears about creating... I could have probably got there on character love alone eventually but shipping definitely pitched me headlong in faster. Which is odd actually as I'm not sure I see myself as primarily a shippy vidder these days. However my way into ships was always through intricate empathy with at least one character's inner world/psychology, and I guess that shows a clearer link to the way I like to vid.

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