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21 April 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Lip Service Episode 2.1  
This episode review is coloured by the fact that I know spoilers for the rest of the season, so don't read it if you're not spoiled.


Except we know they don't. It's the writers' cruelty to put that line in since apparently Cat will DIE in the next episode.

Knowing that, I found myself kind of numb emotionally, watching this. The things that stood out were just the things that stung emotionally:
- Watching Cat and Sam in happy holiday mode.
- Seeing both Tess and Cat being bitches to their--perfectly sincere--girlfriends.
- Seeing Frankie act like Cat was any other pull in the bathroom.

Although my heart is with them, it was hard to like either Cat or Frankie in this episode. At first, Cat in particular was painful to me. Dropping lines such as 'Well now you know how it feels'. Seriously, Cat?? I think the ugliest thing about that was that it was a lie--she didn't go off on holiday to punish Frankie and make her feel the same pain Frankie once made her feel. She clearly went off on holiday because she wanted to put Frankie behind her. And she entered into the spirit of the whole thing completely. Later in the episode though, it becomes far clearer how much she's been playing a role, taking the 'good' path (though still not good enough to telegraph that to Frankie before she left, gah). I liked her 'breaking point' moment very much. And although it's very ugly that she told Frankie she'd cheat with her, I could understand it. She was and is so completely torn up in two.

It does make me wonder: what is STOPPING her from being with Frankie? From leaving Sam? I suppose the most obvious answer is that she does love Sam, even if she still can't shake Frankie. But I would have thought cheating and then trying really really hard to stop and finding that she still felt the same way would be enough sign that a break had to come. I was surprised that she was still putting boundaries on it with Frankie ... but then it does seem very in character.

From Frankie's point of view it was also very painful. So Frankie didn't sleep with anyone after Cat. I'm glad, and I was glad we got to see her not able to go through with it with another girl. But it's interesting to watch her... even though she's changed, she's still got her old mannerisms and old demeanour (and the belief system underpinning that). With Lexie we got to see how easily that mask sits on her still. That makes sense, of course, but is still sad to see.

I am not surprised that things with her mother are less than perfect. But I felt that was a little rushed in this episode. It did, however, clearly and painfully establish that people see Frankie as a 'dirty secret' and a 'mistake'. And she doesn't know how to STOP being that, though deep down she doesn't want to be any more.

There was bitter irony in the 'if it's any consolation I was pretty fucked up at the time' line. Oh, really Frankie?? And you're not any more??

Line of the episode goes to Sam though, for her slapdown of Frankie in the bar: 'worked for me'. It's amazing to see Sam when she shows her true feelings about Frankie. And god, Sam is such a lovely person, it's horrible to watch her be lied to--especially all those scenes where she offered support about 'work' stress that was really Frankie-related stress. :( It was also refreshing to have one person suggesting that maybe being yourself and being straightforward, not playing games might be healthier. And she was so natural with Tess's girlfriend and her football buddies... she really deserves not to be caught up in this messy friendship group with all their issues.

So I'm going to feel for Sam when it all falls apart too... But apparently the lesson is that BAD people, doing the BAD thing (which here means doing what your heart really wants but you try to overrule because it will hurt other people and be selfish) will get you KILLED.


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m_a_r_i_k_s: to the heavensm_a_r_i_k_s on April 21st, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Can't stand that line... it renders everything meaningless and simplistic.

The scene I liked the most in this episode is with Jay and Cat making a presentation for their firm's potential clients. I was laughing my head off... compensating I guess.

The breaking point also seemed very believable to me. It's sheer luck that Cat gets away with smoking 45 mins before her important meeting has to occur, lands the bird smoothly so to speak - and still she gets insanely irritated that Jay gets the lead role in the project. :))) So hypocritical... and somehow endearing to me.

Then there's Frankie who keeps up... Cat lies with "now you know what it feels like" (which is also a punishment for Frankie's existance = Cat's inability to put her behind) and she basically retors with "so I'm supposed to wait on the sidelines while you continue to fuck your wife?" Professional knife twist much? Gotta love Frankie in that moment. It's ugly and painful and they both act like impossible fuckups (Cat is now officially same level) but it's so damn _human_.

My problem with Sam is that she doesn't see shit! Seriously stop being a saint for a minute and LOOK at your partner's state of mind, try reading between the lines!

There was a scene in that pub or night club or something where Cat kept looking directly at Frankie who was in the background and Sam was looking at Cat watching. I mean put two and two together! I really dislike her old-Alicia-like behavior in this. You don't watch... you don't see, you then get terribly offended when all hell breaks loose. Well insdead maybe you could be offended by your own blindness. Maybe you could start asking more questions dammit. Or stop assuming everything has to do with Cat's work. Because last time she lied you also thought it was work and of course you were proven right, weren't you? GUH.

So... are you ready for the very very bad person's funeral? :D :D :D
You know she must've paved a way to her own grave with two things: 1. "Ah fuck it... just fuck me!" 2. An hour later: "Sam... I love YOU..!" :D :D :D

Unfortunately it's not a classic story about a husband cheating on his beloved wife because he's bored, has midlife crisis and needs something spicy for a change.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Frankie/Catbop_radar on April 22nd, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Yeah, I admit I quite liked the stoned presentation scene. ;) I didn't laugh ... but a flicker of a smile might have come. :)

So hypocritical... and somehow endearing to me
:) Because it's so human!

It's ugly and painful and they both act like impossible fuckups (Cat is now officially same level) but it's so damn _human_.
Yeah, I agree that Cat is on the same level now! ;) Her behaviour here is really shit.

Does Sam really not see? Or does she just choose to give her the benefit of the doubt and behave as if the better side of things was true? I hadn't thought of the parallel with Alicia there though. But it's a fair call. She *could* ask a few more questions--especially as she definitely saw Cat watching Frankie. I guess she thinks jealousy is beneath her? But she should listen to her own suspicions a bit more, I agree.

are you ready for the very very bad person's funeral? :D :D :D
Well I already lived it (and a very violent version of the death) in my dreams last night. Several dreams (as I was woken by a thunderstorm) but same death and funeral each time. :(( Am not in a good state of mind this morning.

But yeah... apparently Cat paved her own way ... it was definitely confronting to see how easily she ripped off that necklace with Frankie when later she clearly still wanted to be the good wife. :(

husband cheating on his beloved wife because he's bored, has midlife crisis and needs something spicy for a change.
Well those ones NEVER have to die! Because apparently that's FINE, it's the natural order of thing and we should all be very understanding. :((((((((((((((((

The universe continues to torture me with offensive comments on YouTube... yesterday I got this one: 'no bitch is worth all that. ok, it hurts to love and lose it but you gotta move on and realize some things werent meant. not be on top of buildings trying to jump and shit...all over a female.'

Yeah heaven forbid it be over a FEMALE, that lower level of humanity!!! (Implication: if it was a guy it would be fine???)
Greatshow: pic#103464151greatshow on April 27th, 2012 12:48 am (UTC)
I stated before that I mostly saw the bathroom scene differently and loved it. But to answer your question about why Cat won't leave Sam: I believe it's because she thinks Frankie would be tired of her once Frankie has her. Remember, what she told Frankie in Season 1 about Frankie always being ready until she gets what she wants? Cheating allows Cat to keep Frankie, besides also keeping Sam. I believe Cat truly sees it that way.

But either way, Cat's monologue shows quite clearly who her true love is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pb-BpJvBJ8Q#!

Edited at 2012-04-27 12:49 am (UTC)