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Happy Australia Day!

I come bearing music. (shared with kristiinthedark and others on YIM earlier + a couple of bonus tracks within)

I've pimped her before, and no doubt I'll pimp her again! Hey, it's Australia Day, I have to pimp at least one Aussie!
Missy Higgins, The Sound of White and The Special Two
*pats the Aussie girl*

Ok, now for the cruisy... from one of my all-time favourtie bands, Saint Etienne.
Wood Cabin
Just imagine heading down the coast in a convertible, wind in your hair, listening to this one...
Bad photographer Delightful pop!

Since I'm still smarting about the whole fiasco that was my attempt to buy tickets to see these guys...Blue orchid, White Stripes

And, for all the SV fans, I simply had to share this one! Believe it or not their is a chorusline in this that says 'Only a steel man can be a lover'. Possibly the strangest song ever written about Superman...
Man of Metopolis Steals our hearts, Sufjan Stevens

I geek-out about Sufjan and his plans to write an album about ever US state. I'm so there for this undertaking! Particularly when it results in such amazingly sweeping and haunting albums. And tracks like this:

And since kristiinthedark liked my Pulp from last time I posted music... here's one of my fav Pulp tracks (for the wonderful sentiment and 'all the days we have wasted in the cafes and the station'...) Glory Days

A track that I find myself strangely addicted to:
Unsettle my heart, The Boat People
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