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Lack of bop

Yes, I am cranky. Yes, it's that time of the month. Yes, I have no excuse because I had a four-day weekend. Yes, I should be cheery because I'm getting a work bonus and because all the season premieres are on this week. Yes, I should have learnt to deal with the quirks of my co-workers by now without developing a migraine. Grr.

No, coffee is not making a difference. No, I do not have nurofen with me at work. No, I can't go home and chill out on LJ because *whine* we've reverted to snail-like dial-up speed until Sunday due to me downloading a wee bit too much this month! Eeep.


And what's worst about this is it means I still haven't seen last week's BSG! :-(

Right. Experiment over. Apparently whingeing about nothing on LJ does not make you feel better. Now that I've clarified that, I will never bore you again! ;-) (I'd always wondered, you know...?!)
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