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27 February 2003 @ 03:48 pm
This is from an extract of Moya Costello's article (http://home.vicnet.net.au/~abr/FebMar99/cos.html)

Editors ... harbour the serious eccentricity of the possessors of passions, of secrets, of small knowledges, the cabalistic and the esoteric. Not many people know what editors do: such knowledge, they think, will not alter their lives. Editing is an occupation taken for granted ...
... Editors love good writing: they do not think of the universal standard; what they think of as good writing comes in different guises. It makes their hearts turn ...
... An editor's triumph in work is invisibility.
... It is rare for editors to talk about their work.
... how can punctuation be discussed seriously? ... Editors are embaressed themselves at their own love of such arcane things
An editor can see the absolute necessity of the task as few others... no-one else can. Editing is desire incarnate.