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06 March 2003 @ 01:40 pm
Having an absolutely hysterical lunchtime playing with biorhythm charts on the Internet. There are sites where you can check your biorhythm compatibility with celebrities (or your partner/friends). Apparently the theory goes that the more similar your biorhythms the easier you will find it to get along (as you will be at emotional/physical/intellectual lows or highs at same time). Leaving aside this dubious theory for a moment... (surely two sick, grumpy, stupid people aren't gonna have a great time together!) my results showed the following fascinating results:

Overall compatibility with Andy: 78% (including 92% for physical rhythm)
Compatibility of physical rhythm with Jet Li: 99% (cool!)
Compatibility of physical rhythm with Bill Gates: 100% (boo hoo!)

Among the highest overall compatibilities I found...

Overall compatibility with Sarah Michelle Gellar: 77% (roughly equivalent to Andy)
Overall compatibility with Muhammad Ali: 90%
Overall compatibility with Osama bin Laden: 83%

Eighty-three percent? Man, when I get triple high biorhythms I better alert the UN! This included a 98% intellectual rhythm compatibility (we were both on emotional and physical highs on Sept 11, but our intellectual capacity was sliding). Sorry - this is all in terrible taste, but don't take it up with me, take it up with the people who created the weird site where you can check this sort of stuff!!!