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19 March 2006 @ 05:57 pm
BSG: Lay Down Your Burdens Part II  
Having held an election, I now ignore the result. (No, not completely!)

Hee! Ok, that amused me greatly, given the way the political plot in LDYB Part II played out--one of the most enjoyable aspects of the superlatively wonderful finale.

I really like it when BSG does bigscale. So I loved the shock of the time leap one year forward, and I really adored the segue shot: from Gaius being elected to the Debauched Presidency a year later--it was such a fabulous establishing shot. We'd just heard Gaius say 'I don't have to listen: I'm the president'. And the shot of him in power a year later, surrounded by self-agrandising portraits and prostitutes in the background, made me reflect on how the office of president itself corrupts. I think this is one of the interesting comments that BSG has made--we saw Roslin lose touch with democracy, and Gaius, supposedly the man of the people, predictably did the same once in power. Fascinating and chillingly cynical.

A word on the election-rigging before I go on: It was another fascinating BSG study in the way humans frak up. From the start, it seemed doom to fail, since someone was bound to have second thoughts or stumble across something... Sure enough. I found Gaeta hilarious in his extreme naivety--he only saw the surface level issue 'someone is breaking a rule' and didn't think it through deeper than that. That he became Gaius's minion on New Caprica was very funny--did his thinking just go 'OMG! Someone rigged an election against you! You must be great!' Sheesh. It's an interesting follow-up to him backing Gaius at other times too. I think he's an interesting reflection of the idea that principles alone, without lateral thinking and analysis, are not a good thing.

I loved that it was Tighe who helped rig the elections for his own personal reasons. Nice twist. And it's good to seem him and Kara in more amicable circumstances now.

The scene with Kara, Anders and Lee was HOT HOT HOT in the extreme. Although also, of course, very ouchy for me as a Lee fan. But did I mention the hot? Eep! That Kara is just so naughty! I am continually astounded by the way Kara and Lee are constantly at cross purposes, and this scene was a classic case. So often either Kara or Lee pushes things just too far, so the other one ends up withdrawing, when really the pushing points to an underlying obsession and connection. Witness Kara's bitchiness about Dualla, and proprietary showponying about Anders. I love that Lee stood there for as long as he did. Oh, Kara!

I was fascinated by the flashforward and not that surprised that Kara had married Anders. My reaction was mainly 'oh yeah'! I loved the way everyone looked a bit puffy and scruffy after the time jump, and Kara was no exception. I've heard rumours that there was some fandom backlash against this plot development for Kara, but personally it seemed in character for me. She wanted to marry Lee's brother, she wanted to marry Anders. Unlike Lee, she's not an all-work no-play girl. She wants a happy idyllic relationship. But we also saw that it wasn't that easy, which is, inevitably, what Kara would learn in a marriage like that.

In this case of course, the extra pressure comes from Anders developing pneumonia (was there a small part of me that went 'yay'? *cough* maybe--pretty boys writhing on their death beds are ok with me). That Kara has to turn to Apollo for help is predictable, although I confess I was a bit confused about why she thought Apollo wouldn't help. Was that just her own pride speaking? Was there some rift we didn't see on screen? Is Lee pissed she left the military? This was the one part of the jump forward that didn't feel smooth for me.

I'm still not getting the Lee/Dee. I'm not seeing much chemistry there and it wasn't fleshed out any further. I kind of took evil delight in Dee's bitchy 'it's for you', but apart from that... no. On the other hand, I found them more comprehensible when compared to Kara/Anders. Where Kara/Anders are the fun-loving, excessively demonstrative couple, Lee and Dee are quieter and more practical--supprtive of one another, but not over the top. And interestingly they both stayed in their military roles, whereas Kara and Anders proved to be escapists. So I quite like the couples in opposition to one another, but I still think the Lee/Dee could have been established more successfully.

Hee! Are they going to flash up a new credit in S3? 'They Had a Plan: It Changed' OR 'They Have a Plan: Again'? Hee!

Giggles aside, I loved the revelation of the priest as cylon, and I adored the continuity with the Six/Sharon alliance--it's just brilliant that they were able to sway the cylons. The priest's explanation that 'unlike you, we can admit our mistakes and change our direction' was wonderful. It's seems so true that the cylons are more flexible than the humans. I loved the two priest-cylons, their interaction, and the ultimate irony that they are atheists! Perfect!

I found it interesting to reflect on how the news that they bore--that the cylons were retreating--could have swayed the election had it been a)believed and b)spread to the people by Roslin. Since much of Gaius's argument for settling was the 'stop running' argument, this would have had to change had this news been taken seriously. Did Gaius get told of this? They just skipped over that part, it seems.

Regardless, I loved the chain of events that led to the cylons return--the explosion, facillitated by Gaius in the first place. What is their plan now? What do they want? So many questions to ponder over the long seven-month hiatus. It seems like they're setting up a situation where Kara leads the resistance on the surface, with Apollo in the sky. And I really enjoyed the history-repeats aspect: the ships jumping away from New Caprica. supacat pointed out that it shows how far Adama has come, since he was far more willing to do it this time, then in the initial attack on Caprica, when he needed to be persuaded.

I loved that New Caprica was a dump! And how great was Kara's 'yeah, that wears off' line. It was great to see Roslin thrust into the role of a teacher--a role that has far more practical importance than the presidency in that frontier world. What a great twist for her, who was mocked for being 'just a teacher', but had never taught in that way before.

The Chief and Cally--well, I don't like either of them much, and I found the scene where Cally talks through her wired jaw to the Chief quite chilling (though very effective). But I had a good giggle at the flashforward reveal of Cally as pregnant beside the Chief as a political rabble rouser! Hee. It's interesting to see, in vignette, the ways that the Galactica crew found meaning or failed to in the new settlement.

Oh the baby! The time bomb awaits. I was not surprised to see Sharon lose it--it seemed clear that she would only go along with the humans so far and no further, but perhaps Adama felt she was never truly cooperating with the humans anyway, so they're always taking a risk. And perhaps fair enough.

All in all, I'm very happy with the way it ended--it seems like a return to what BSG does well: the big scale, the frak ups, the twists. There's a lot unknown in the future, but lots of possibilities. Of course I'm not happy about the long wait, but if that means a solid Season 3, I'll be very happy.

Some brief Kara/Lee speculation, because I'm obsessed: Anders seems marked for death. Will Kara blame Lee to some degree? And how long will we have to wait for their reunion this time? It's going to be painful--I can tell. Kara's adoption of settled life implies she's turned her back on her 'Starbuck' identity, but people instantly looked to her for leadership when the cylons arrived. I think that for Kara, her life as Starbuck is a way to create meaning when there's nothing else in her life. But to everyone else, this is where her ultimate strength lies. Apollo's different, and I think he'd be pissy about Kara abandoning that role. He'll be happy if she returns as a leader of the resistance, but Kara herself would be annoyed that he doesn't recognise how important that life was to her. It could become just a footnote in her life, a brief interlude of attempted idyll, but this will piss Kara off, even if they don't go the Anders-death route.

Ah, I have to wrap it up. Parentals arriving.

The votes were overwhelmingly for PCB, and I will listen to that, for all my kidding above. And then Lois essay. And so on... thanks for the votes all!
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Clari Clyde: Seraphim: Funclari_clyde on March 20th, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)
Part I. (Since LJ has limits on comment lengths.)

Remember who else said, “I’m the president. I don’t have to listen to anyone else”? Laura Roslin, when she was dying of cancer and made the decision to abort Sharon’s fetus. And, she learned it from the late President Adar.

I think my fave scenes were the juxtoposition of Gaius being sworn into office and Gaius making love to Six. It’s just visually stunning to simultaneously see him take an oath to protect the human colonies and literally be in bed with a Cylon. And to see Roslin there front and center knowing what a two-face Gaius is!

As for Gaius himself, I wonder how much Six’s death played into his incompetency. When Six said that she wasn’t going to New Caprica, Gaius was just so adamant that everyone would go to the planet and it makes me think that he’d been entertaining thoughts of starting a new life on the planet specifically to start a life with her. And his scene after the nuclear bomb explosion, I just got that he was honestly grieving. And it seems like Chip Six hadn’t made an appearance either until she showed up in the gold camisole when the Cylons arrived. (Interestingly, Chip Six seemed invisible to the cylons as well. Hm.)

As for Six, my intratextual reading is that the one on-board Cloud Nine wasn’t meant to be Gaius because, despite the similitaries in programming and physical shell, she and Caprica Six aren’t the same — it’s Caprica Six who really should be destined with Gaius. Something romantic sounding about an egoistic and insecure president who surrenders to an insecure yet introspective war hero. I’m really looking forward to seeing them interact now that, instead of being mere programmers in society (albeit high-level well respected programmers), they are in extremely high-powered and are now very influential. And to see the way Caprica Six beamed when she saw Gaius. Silly little doll, you’re so happy to see him that you don’t see how traumatic surrender is for him.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Roslin pointy shoesbop_radar on March 20th, 2006 04:56 am (UTC)
Yes! Exactly! It seems like this is a recurring theme about the presidency.

Yeah--the juxtaposition of the sex scene and the being sworn into office was fantastic. A bit obvious and OTT for me, but I took a lot of cynical delight in it nonetheless. I seem to have pushed through my Gaius-revulsion and out the other side, to a place where I now just sit back and marvel at the crazyness that allows him to triumph.

I hadn't thought that he was counting on New Caprica as a place to start a life with Six--because didn't vision!Six have to point out to him the merits of the place in the first place? He only became so adamant later once he saw it would win him the election. I see it more as part of his inflexible personality. He doesn't really enjoy politics, and he's not a principled person, so he would take no pleasure in admitting he was wrong or compromising on the issue once he'd committed to it.

Yeah--that's one of the main things I'm looking forward to in Season 3--the interaction of Caprica Six and Gaius.
Clari Clyde: Seraphim: Crashclari_clyde on March 20th, 2006 08:56 am (UTC)
Hm, I look at the juxtaposition and I don’t know if I should be cynical or optimistic about Gaius. On the one hand, he’s basically betraying the human colonies and on the other, he’s sharing something very meaningful and emotion for Six. Glimpses of the scene where they make love show me that he’s capable of being sympathetic but the swearing in remind me how swarmy and creepy he is.

Of course, I also have an ultra-cynical reading where Gaius is basically frakking both humans and cylons all in the pursuit of what benefits Gaius at the moment. I won’t have decided how to read this scene until a few episodes later.

To me, Gaius is a very short-sighted person — me me me and for short-term benefit. That said, I think he really is in love or at least clings to Six. True that he had to be smacked upside the head that New Caprica was going to win him the election and I can also see that he really would have hated to say, “I was wrong” (because he has a record of being childish that way) but I don’t think that was his only reason for being so rushed to settle New Caprica. I really think he was in grief over Six’s death. New Caprica was his way to thumb his nose at Roslin but also as a way to cling to whatever dream he had of a life with Six. Of course the settlement disintegrates as he can’t be independently competent for more than 10 seconds.
Clari Clyde: Seraphim: Happy fansclari_clyde on March 20th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)
Part II. (Since LJ has limits on comment lengths.)

Starbuck. To me, Kara is someone who wants to be housewive but is defined as Starbuck. It’s another gender bender on the stereotypes where women want the meaningful job but are defined by their home and where men might want to be the daddy who spends time with the kids but gets defined by his work. Kara may think she wants to be a wife but, deep down, I think she’ll soon realize that Starbuck is who she really is — war or no war.

As for the election being an example of how humans frak things up… I actually think that the frak-up was done by Roslin when she declared abortion illegal. I think that’s where she killed her political career. And regarding the Cylon retreat, I don’t blame her for not wanting to go back to Caprica and using that as a political weapon since 1) the colonies are now wastelands that need rebuilding and unlike the Cylons, less than 50,000 humans won’t have the toasters to do grunt work aad 2) after a campaign of genocide, I wouldn’t trust the Cylons.

As for Gaeta working for Gaius… Would you buy that he’s a Cylon? That’s a hypothesis I saw thrown around all over my friends list and I didn’t believe it myself but, the screencaps make me pause.

And I wonder about the priests’ roles in society. It seems to me that human priests are followers who are supposed to keep straying members true to the faith whereas, the Cylon priests are there to persuade the over-zealous against well, over-zealous faith. Now, it seems to me that the preists actually knew that they had made a huge theological blunder but couldn’t convince society until the war heroes said so. What does that say about Cylon society that they ignored their priests but listened to a pair of war heroes? I so want to see more Cylon society interaction.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Karabop_radar on March 20th, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, your take on Kara is similar to mine. I agree--she thinks she wants to be a wife, but she'll realise that Starbuck is who she really is, with all that that entails, war or no war. I kind of like though that she *got* married and really abandonned Galactica temporarily--hopefully she'll get it out of her system! Though I fear that she will be resentful at this life being ripped from her again.

Yes! I want to see more Cylon interaction too. That would be great. The contrasts between them and humans are fascinating. The scene where the two priests mock the humans for not being able to 'let go of the past' (ie the mass genocide) was fascinating: the humans were shown up as so ... well... human.
Clari Clyde: Seraphim: You're fired.clari_clyde on March 20th, 2006 09:12 am (UTC)
I hope Anders isn’t marked for death if only because he’s pretty! :-p Yes, I’m shallow.

My fear for Kara is that she’ll lose Anders and go back to being reckless in the cockpit. One of the things I liked about “Scar” is that she had a realization that she had something to live for, for once. Or maybe she’ll find something to live for in fighting the Cylons.

As for humans being human, well… cylons are cylons. It’s almost psychopathic how they are able to so wilingly let go of the fact that they murdered 12 billion people. I think humans and cylons could learn from each other but that would be messy. Oh wait. Doh, that would make great TV.
The First Evil: Baltar - Player/Pawn - ethelineshermanasta77 on March 20th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
whereas Kara and Anders proved to be escapists.

While I think the show as done a craptacular job of setting up Kara/Anders and Lee/Dee, in the former's case I understand the importance of it in showing us a key aspect of Kara's psyche. As you mentioned, she was preparing to marry Lee's brother before he died. I have no problem believing she desires a serious, committed relationship. Having such an unstable and painful childhood, she longs for the stability of a happy family life, she longs to be loved.

After Zak died she found some conept of family with Adama who was able to show her respect, faith, and affection. But she still sought romantic love. Lee could provide that for her. And given his actions in 'Scar' he is willing and wanting more than just sex. However, a relationship with Lee would not be easy. He challanges her. He'll fight with her. He'll force her to look at the hard truths about herself. I'm sensing that Anders accepts her as is with no questions asked. A relationship with him is easier and I think she was attracted to that idea, but she now sees that the reality of the situation isn't what she expected. It's not very fulfilling and she's not enjoying the happiness she thought she would find.

I'm probably wrong, but Gaeta's behavior screams Cylon to me. It's his actions in revealing the election fraud that put the human race in the position it is now. If Baltar hadn't won they wouldn't be settled on the planet and easy pickings for the Cylons. And I'm suspicious that Gaeta is working for Baltar in order to monitor/guide him. Gaeta hasn's had much of a role recently and suddenly he's pivitol to the story.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Helo Lee Team Starbuckbop_radar on March 21st, 2006 12:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, I have no problem imagining Kara longing for a stable family life either. In fact I admire her for pushing so hard to overcome her scarring past. To me, it shows her typical strong determined nature.

I love your reading of the Anders relationship--I agree that he seems to accept her no matter what. And while that might seem wonderfully idyllic, it doesn't allow her to grow as a person, and Kara will end up frustrated with that if she doesn't find it outside of her relationship either. Stuck on the planet without her piloting and with no one challenging her, I think she'd be pretty unfulfilled.

With the Cylon attack, it seems like both Lee and Kara will discover that while they might hate the war, it does bring out the best in them. And I hope they find a way back together--I'm shameless in my continued shipping of those two! Regardless I want a continued friendship between them, since they challenge each other. I love their fights, I love the way they are magnetised by each other even when they'd rather not be, I love the inescapability of them.

I agree that suddenly Gaeta is thrust into an important role, and I notice the Gaeta as Cylon theory is very popular, though I hadn't made that leap myself. I do think he's a strong contender as a Cylon. Dee's the other one I think may be a Cylon, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part to make her more interesting...
(no subject) - bloodygoodgirl on March 20th, 2006 06:57 pm (UTC) (Expand)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: bsg giveth and takethbop_radar on March 21st, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
BSG!Yay is a totally valid response!

I loved the 'I'm not a Cylon...oh' moment too. So great! I love the priest character. He's a great addition to the team.

And Kara and Lee are hot regardless, but add in the hotness of Anders and Kara's possessive pawing of him in front of Lee... *fans self* I loved how oblivious Anders was. Lee was pretty silent and then just wandered off, so it will be barely a blip in Anders's mind. But if you know the two characters, the scene was so major. From Kara running up to hug Lee (with all the echoes of their past reunion hugs/kisses) through Kara's pissy goading about Dee, to Lee just standing watching in silence that leeeetle bit too long. God, the sexual tension was insane.

Hee, yes, you will convert your friend in time! The BSG love will spread... I have already converted my boyfriend and am working on others...
Nora Norwich: Kara Roslin laughingnorwich36 on May 31st, 2006 06:01 am (UTC)
I of II
I watched the last 4 episodes on the train to San Francisco this weekend.

Holy crap. I spent a dazed hour after the finale just saying "holy crap" over and over. My initial thought was that the ending was a dream sequence (maybe Baltar's dream sequence, since he put his head down and woke up a year later), but if that were true we would have only found out about his story, not everyone's.

I can't *believe* they just fast forwarded a year when the whole first two seasons was a nine month period, though. Damn. I suppose it gives them a lot more interesting stuff to work with than just an endless space chase, but DAMN.

Although I agree with you that Kara marrying Anders is believable, to me that just signals that he is *so* toast for the toasters. (I doubt it'll be something as simple as pneumonia). Even though I don't expect Kara and Lee to get together until the last season, they are the emotional heart of the show, so there's no way she's going to be married to Anders for long. (Oh, and how creepy was it that Leoben went looking for Kara? I expected him to kill Anders right there, actually).

I loved seeing Roslin as a teacher, *not* simply because that's where her heart was and it was something she could be effective at, but also because the whole point of this New Caprica interlude, I assume, is a sort of reboot, bringing the characters back to their original positions, but on a new playing field, or something like that.

I thought Roslin's attempt to steal the election was interesting. Like you, I think this is clearly a meta-comment on political power being made by the producers: power corrupts. But the fact that Adama could still bring Roslin back from the brink of total corruption was good, I thought. (And suddenly I understood the larger purpose of Billy's death. Which I hated, by the way. I knew there was no way Lee could die, so when Billy got shot in that episode I was heartbroken--I really liked him. But he was Roslin's conscience, too, so he needed to go, or else the whole setup with her new politically savvy aide (who I generally liked) wouldn't have worked.

I didn't think they would be rigging the election--I thought it was just going to be a smear campaign against Gaius. God knows, there must be plenty to smear him *with*--he acted like a total nut half the time because of his invisible conversations with Six. I have to say, my main response to the whole election rigging scheme was not to despair at Roslin's corruption but to be mad at how *incompetent* she was at it!
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Lee licked my woundsbop_radar on May 31st, 2006 06:44 am (UTC)
Re: I of II
Holy Crap alright! *clutches* I've been waiting for you to catch up so we can share the pain/confusion/angst/excitement through the long wait until October...

I can't BELIEVE they did the fast forward either. They take such major steps on this show--it's mindblowing. And they certainly shock-jolted the audience!

to me that just signals that he is *so* toast for the toasters
Oh I HOPE so! He is pretty, but geez, I don't want Starbuck in mushy romantic mode all the time!

they are the emotional heart of the show
*clutches* *whimpers* They are, right? It's not just me and my crazy Kara/Lee loving ways? The Kara/Lee ship took some bashing this season...

how creepy was it that Leoben went looking for Kara? I
expected him to kill Anders right there, actually

Hmmm yeah, Leoben is creepy as all get out! But exciting too--I want to know what his deal is with Kara so badly. And I'm so excited about the cylon-human interaction that will presumably occur next season.

is a sort of reboot, bringing the characters back to their original positions, but on a new playing field, or something like that
Yes, I assume so too. It's clever television and my SV-trained mind likes the parallels with the mini-series. And yeah, awesome to see Roslin as a teacher!

so he needed to go, or else the whole setup with her new politically savvy aide (who I generally liked) wouldn't have worked
That's a really interesting observation. I hadn't thought of Billy as her conscience, but I can see how he functioned that way--she had that maternal thing going on with him and there was a strong sense she was grooming him for a top job in the future--while you're actively being someone's role model, it's hard to slide into corruption. Of course, I always viewed Lee as Roslin's conscience, or at least as an important confidant. However, this is the one part of Season Two I really don't like--the way they completely dropped the ball when it came to the Lee/Roslin relationship. I feel there should have been at least one scene between them to show that there was awkwardness post-Caine-incident or something to explain their complete separateness in the latter half of the season. Maybe something will show up in the deleted scenes?

he acted like a total nut half the time because of his invisible conversations with Six
I know!!! See! Gaius is goddam infuriating and dangerous as all get out. It seems that seeing him assume the presidency and run it into the ground with his louche and self-obsessed ways was carthatic for me though--my rage against him abated into sheer wonder at the scope of the canvas on which the BSG writers paint. God, the debauched presidency! I first started getting into Gaius when we saw him respond to Gina (raped and beaten up Six), and then seeing him losing it more and more and yet still becoming president--well I have to pay that as writing brilliance.

But yes, emotionally heartwrending to watch. I think I muttered the words 'no, no, no...' through the debate scene.
Nora Norwichnorwich36 on June 1st, 2006 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: I of II
Hmm. Maybe I was overstating to say that Billy was Roslin's conscience. I guess what I meant is closer to what you said above: because she was his mentor (and I really think she thought of him as a son) she wouldn't have made the choices she did if he were still alive--and even if she had considered them, he had neither the skill nor the guile to implement them.

It's true, as you said, that Lee's relationship with Roslin seemed to vanish in the second part of season 2, and that is kind of odd. I actually think both Adamas, at different times, acted as her conscience.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: bsg kara eeek!bop_radar on May 31st, 2006 06:46 am (UTC)
Re: I of II
Sorry about the Crazy Italics of Excitement! ;-)
Nora Norwichnorwich36 on May 31st, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)
II of II
What else? (I know this is very rambly--I took no notes and since I watched a bunch of episodes at once they all run together in my head).

I loved "Downloaded," by the way--that may be my favorite episode of all time, and I love the way it completely remade the Gaius/Six relationship, so I was thinking about that as I watched the other Six blow herself up. Did she *know* somehow, that that signal would be needed? Because otherwise I am at a loss to understand why she would kill herself. Earlier in the season, after experiencing all those tortures, she *wanted* to die but tried to get Gaius to do it, because suicide is a sin.

Do suicides not get downloaded, I wonder?

For some reason, btw, I *knew* the priest the Chief had the conversation with was a Cylon from the moment I saw him. I think it's something about how religion is always connected to conservatism in this series, so the minute you had a liberal priest he seemed suspect to me.

Ok, that's probably enough rambling for now. I'm glad I finally got to read your reviews, though!

And speaking of reviews, weren't you going to post more about "Vessel"?
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Helo Anders so damn prettybop_radar on May 31st, 2006 06:50 am (UTC)
Re: II of II
Er, I think suicides don't get downloaded. Where did I read that? I'm sure I've seen it discussed in the meta... But yeah, it's true that the Six blowing herself up thing needs more explanation. Now that I have you 'in' BSG, I will do more pondering on this... and investigation of the fandom. I hear there is going to be some internet-only miniseries between S2 and S3--I don't really know the details yet. Not sure if anyone does.

I *knew* the priest the Chief had the conversation with was a Cylon from the moment I saw him. I think it's something about how religion is always connected to conservatism in this series, so the minute you had a liberal priest he seemed suspect to me.
You are clever and great. ;-)

speaking of reviews, weren't you going to post more about "Vessel"?
Urgh yes! good call! I've been doing LJ catch up on the meta I missed and then SV Social was rather distracting! (How brilliant was it, btw! Are you still reeling?)
Nora Norwichnorwich36 on June 1st, 2006 05:45 am (UTC)
Re: II of II
I still haven't read a tenth of the comments from the SV social (over 1600 at last count), and yeah, I am still reeling a little bit from that.

If you find the essay on suicides, by all means send it my way. I can't think of the mechanism by which they would prevent a suicide from downloading, though maybe they just box them? Or maybe the cloud nebula thingy was so far away that after they destroyed the resurrection ship she just couldn't download? Obviously she *didn't* download, since they needed the nuclear signature to find the planet, but I do find it hard to understand her suicide.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Kara/Lee no usbop_radar on June 1st, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
Re: II of II
Yeah, it's a puzzle... I'll try and hunt out some stuff on it for you.

And I agree about Billy and the Adamas--I found it interesting to see Adama as the softening influence on Roslin for once--such a reversal!

I think the SV Social took care of itself. ;-) It's been good to see a couple of the newly delurked posting since then too. I think you just gave the SV fandom an intravenous hit of something or other... in a good way! ;-)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Zodbop_radar on June 1st, 2006 05:57 am (UTC)
Re: II of II
PS. I'm hampered by a house guest, but yes, I still intend to post a wrap up to my Vessel commentary.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Lee/noodles otpbop_radar on May 31st, 2006 07:27 am (UTC)
Re: II of II
Oh! Lee/noodles! There was Fangirl Woe in a big way about Lee's puffiness explosion in the fast forward part of the finale. Outrage at chubby Lee! Then the arise of Lee/noodles OTP... (y'know how he eats those noodles near the end...? *icon*), I think thanks, or largely thanks to queenofthorns, who probably needs to be introduced to the word 'woeity' given her response to S2 of BSG, but who also produced this. Personally fat!Lee worries me not very much at all, as I know that Jamie Bamber is not actually fat, *hugs the proof*, so Lee/noodles OTP just amuses me greatly!