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I went to see the movie Water today. I'm still recovering. For those of you who don't know, it's the third movie in Deepa Mehta's controversial Elements trilogy (Earth and Fire being the first two). Controversial in India, that is, since I think they've been widely embraced by the international film audience. Water is a spectacular movie and highly deserving of the attention and praise it is receiving. It's also heartwrending viewing that has left me feeling completely emotionally wrung out. (mskatej, this may be the kind of depressing movie that I like and you hate! Despite that, I'd love you to see it because of the feminist angle.)

Water explores the world of Hindu widows who live in a closed ashram, condemned to an impoverished life of self-denial. The young actress who plays the 8-year-old widow is wonderful, as are the adult cast. John Abraham and Lisa Ray are both gorgeous in their roles as the Ghandian idealist law-student and the widow he falls in love with respectively. (Abraham had me totally swooning, despite the naivety of his character.) But the women in the ashram are perhaps the most compelling--the ensemble acting was fantastic. The movie is beautifully shot, the soundtrack is gorgeous, the director integrates her symbolism well and the pacing of the story is perfect. I won't spoil anyone, as I totally advocate seeing this movie, but the ending is very memorable.

This was one of those rare movie-going experiences where I felt truly transported to another world and where I felt deeply and personally touched by a hidden human tragedy. It's exquisite. So much praise!
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