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Jamie Bamber, for little k

For some time now, I've been threatening kristiinthedark with conversion to Jamie-Bamber-love. Well, here's my official conversion-attempt, missy! Others are welcome to join this party--either as the converting or the converted!

(Not dial-up-friendly)
Jamie Bamber's a thirty-three year-old Brit (yes--cute accent!).

He plays Lee Adama in the new series of Battlestar Galactica. For this role, I refer you to queenofthorns's comprehensive explanation in Lee Adama for beginners. ;-)

Previously he played Archie Kennedy in the Hornblower series. I recommend getting nehellania to relate the plot of this series, if you're unfamiliar with it. Her version certainly sucked me in! (Jen: I watched the first four films on the weekend--ouch! My heart acheth for Archie! The rowboat! Meep!)

In Hornblower, Jamie puts in a smashing performance as Archie, and he has a wonderfully slashy relationship with the lead, Horatio (Ioan Gruffudd).

Jamie was also in Peak Practice (which I haven't seen) and Band of Brothers (which I have--I own it on DVD and it's one of the best TV mini-series I've seen).

At Cambridge University, England, Jamie achieved a 1st Class MA Honours in Modern Languages (French and Italian). The highest you can achieve. Yummy languages boy!

His favourite books include Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. (so much so that he'd take it to a desert island).

Other things he'd take to a desert island include a mask and snorkel ('so I could check out the fish, because I love wildlife'). He continues: 'And I'd take my laptop, so I could surf the 'net to find a way to get off the damned island! I could write my novel then as well- and decide what the meaning of life is.'

On asked who he would invite to a dinner party he answered: "I'd have to have Jesus Christ there - I'd like to check him out. I'd also have to have [the Italian revolutionary] Garibaldi, because he's a hero of mine, and I'd invite Shakespeare and King Henry V.'

He has a lovely wife and they're so smiley together.

He has three daughters, including twins born in 2004. And they're cute as pie. Here he poses with his oldest daughter in his co-stars Viper.

He is gracious to his gay male fanbase: interview in Out.

He cuddles his co-stars (little k: after SV's Mike and Tommy, we know what a plus this can be!)

He cooks!

Oh, look how earnestly he cooks!

He has piercing blue eyes.

Lee/Kara is how I first found Bamber-love, so I've got to share a little of what's great about them (without being too spoilery)

Kara, hot shot Viper pilot with the callsign 'Starbuck', is played by Katee Sackhoff.

Lee is her CAG (captain of the air group). Sometimes he doesn’t wear very much.

Lee and Kara have a very intense friendship that involves standing really really close to one another.

They get to be heroes together.

Lee doesn't always understand Kara.

Sometimes Lee is a pissy little bitch.

But Kara's always there to slap him into line (despite the fact that he's her superior--that girl's got balls!).

And they still roll around like puppies together.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Converted yet? ;-)

ETA: queenofthorns reminds me that he looks really really good lounging. (How could I forget this?? *boggles*)

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