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It's 'Encourage a lurker' day! And the wonderful norwich36 is hosting an SV Social at her journal--it's very non-scary and there are oodles of ex-lurkers there, so if you've ever felt you wanted to get to know a few people in SV fandom a bit better, head on over here. Or for those of us who've been 'delurked' for a while, pop in and catch up with your friends! It's lots of fun!

And just think, norwich36 herself was a lurker until about 9 months ago. And now she's hosting parties at her journal, running Feedbackathon week and generally being one of the most positive, friendly and proactive people in SV fandom at the moment! How much do we love her? **SO MUCH!**

Now, the sad news is that I live in the Timezone of Evilness, so I actually have to leave the party for a brief while to... y'know... sleep. But when I wake up, I will be popping back to be sociable, so hope to see you there!

*waves at everyone*
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