K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick! (bop_radar) wrote,
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!

Where be the sockpuppets?

Did I miss Sockpuppet Day due to my timezone?! Not a soul is trolling me. *pouts* Am I not controversial enough to be trolled? *huffs*

So, here is my gratuitous bring-on-the-sockpuppets post. And I'm taking a leaf out of norwich36's book and listing my controversial opinions to fan the flames. Although, unlike her, I didn't have to make them up! (Although I may have exaggerated them somewhat.)

1. SV's Lois rocks!
2. Season 4 SV was a blast.
3. Kate Bosworth's Lois made me want to stab things.
4. SV's Jor-El is just misunderstood, yo! *huggles him*
5. Supernatural is a REALLY bad show.
6. TW/MR RPS kicks it all over JA/JP RPS any day.
7. S5 Chloe is annoying.
8. Lexana is hot as hell, and S5 Lana is great.
9. The slash ain't dead, people.
10. Anyone that says there isn't power politics in fandom is blind.
11. Did I mention that SV's Lois rocks??
12. AlMiles ain't all bad!
13. I really hated SV's Pete and cheered when he left. (*comes out of the Pete-hatred closet*)

That's a pretty good list. *is proud* (And please be 100% clear that I love everyone on my f'list who disagrees with me!)
Tags: fandom, personal

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