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How to improve the worst work day ever in ten easy steps:
1. Take two nurofen.
2. Take three pastries.
3. Buy new pyjamas on your lunch break.
4. Visualise yourself in said pyjamas in XX minutes time to get you through the last painful hours.
5. Be sweet to your boss because he's woobie, be gracious to the people that are shitting you to tears, make the sekrit signals of support for your fellow pressured editors before leaving--so your conscience is clean.
6. Bitch about them all for a good hour or two when you get home.
7. Have a long bath and get into the pyjamas.
8. Eat a yummy food.
9. Read the fic at a_clexian_tale and marvel at the treasures to be found there. (Seriously, Clex peoples, this isn't just a courtesy rec--there's awesome fics there! get thyselves there pronto! It is agony to work out which fics to vote for though.)
10. Drink the hot chocolate of goodness, and realise several hours later, that ... maybe things aren't all that bad after all.

*happy sigh*

But you know what would make we really happy? Comment in echoicons to this post with my username and I will get an icon as a reward! Go on! Puh-lease?! You know how I do love icons so. *does the pleading puppy eyes*

ETA: Thank you everyone! I have my maximum 5 icons requested now. *squee*
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