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26 June 2003 @ 12:17 pm
Power boots  
**articulating for Cat**
I have ultimate boots!
Definition of ultimate boots: much in the vein of ultimate pants, ultimate boots are black, snugly fitting without discomfort, practical, warm, go with anything, and make me look great!!
They make me cheery all through my day... I am cruising through work today, despite my sagging in-tray, because I have ultimate boots!

Melbourne, it should be explained, is experiencing a horrible cold snap, with overnight temperatures around 0. So in desperation I scowered the city for ulitmate boots - and found them. Even the little old Italian lady who finally dug them out of the back of her dusty shop for me felt there appearance was serendipitous:
'Always the right thing in the right place.'

Waaah Cat I miss you! Will try and call this weekend!
PS. Meeting up with Kate for breakfast, goss and Harry Potter discussing on Saturday. Wish you could be there!