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02 August 2006 @ 02:34 pm
MIFF update 2: Emily Dinsmore!  
I found a Smallville connection at the Melbourne International Film Festival! *is ridiculously proud of herself* And I have a new actress to fangirl!

Her name's Jodelle Ferland, and she's only 11 years old. She played Emily Dinsmore (S2's Accelerate: Lana's childhood friend, cloned by LuthorCorp), and she stars in Terry Gilliam's movie Tideland, which is based on a novel by Mitch Cullin. I haven't read the book but the movie was seriously warped. I wouldn't recommend it for the sensitive or the squeamish (there's some pretty confronting content), but Jodelle's performance is out of this world... kinda literally!

Jodelle plays Jeliza-Rose. The basic plot is that after her mother dies from a heroin overdose, she and her father return to the rural farmhouse where he grew up. Jeliza-Rose attempts to deal with her bizarre life by play-acting with her 'friends' (bodiless Barbie doll heads) and eventually with Dickens, a disturbed soul who lives next door, browbeaten by his even-more-disturbed sister. The cinematography is gorgeous and the score's fantastic. Gilliam explores the fluid connection between reality and imagination in a typically whimsical manner, blending the fantastic and the grotesque. It's definitely not a movie for everyone. You can check out more images from production here.

Jodelle is high on my 'watch' list now. Her impressively longIMDB bio tells me that she's a Johnny Depp fan (of course!) and provided me with this gem of a quote: "They like to cast me for scary roles. I think it's because they want you to be scared, but also want you to like the little girl." Honey, you got it in one!

Oh, and she's also been on Supernatural. Not that I care. ;-p *pokes tongue at half her f'list*
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Heather: David Spade is Crazymiss_tress on August 2nd, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)
When I was dragged to 'Silent Hill' by a friend I was very excited to point out "the creepy, little girl from 'Smallville'" to my friends. It's odd that she be as cute as a button and scary as all get out at the same time.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Buffy glowybop_radar on August 2nd, 2006 06:24 am (UTC)
*nods* Yes--she's the perfect genre child star! She has the most delightful giggle (in Tideland, at least) so that I found myself with a big grin on my face throughout much of what was essentially crippling child abuse.
Nora Norwichnorwich36 on August 2nd, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
Ooh, that film sounds excellent.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Clairebop_radar on August 2nd, 2006 06:28 am (UTC)
It was. Although I say that hesitantly only because it's pretty way out there... I liked it a lot though--it's a very memorable piece of cinema and bound to be a cult hit.
LauraB1laurab1 on August 2nd, 2006 07:51 am (UTC)
She's very good at doing creepy little girls. I also saw her in "Kingdom Hospital".
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Naomi King Kongbop_radar on August 2nd, 2006 11:33 pm (UTC)
*nods* She's excellent at the creepy! I love creepy little girls... and if I was making/casting a movie, she'd play that role for sure.
lambkin rose: shelvesbland on August 2nd, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
I have a friend who lived in Nanaimo who used to babysit both Jodelle and her sister way back when. Jodelle was apparently really bratty, but what kid isn't at a certain age I guess? Anyways.. celebrity connection! ;)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Clark identity crisisbop_radar on August 2nd, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
Oh, interesting!

but what kid isn't at a certain age I guess?
Well, yes, that and what celebrity isn't?! I would be astonished if she was normal/well-adjusted/un-bratty really. She started acting at four, and she must be constantly surrounded by adults. And my mind reels at the type of direction she must have received for this movie alone 'Now, Jodelle, just climb on the body of your dead father and snuggle up to him while holding a monologue in three voices ...'
(no subject) - bloodygoodgirl on August 3rd, 2006 01:26 am (UTC) (Expand)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: fangirl x-files iconbop_radar on August 3rd, 2006 09:41 am (UTC)
Indeed! *g*