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SV squee: 3 vids and some meta

Less than a month before Smallville Season 6 kicks off, I've been enjoying getting back into fandom and have particularly appreciated seeing people post SV-related material. So I thought I'd share a few things I've enjoyed... Because it's me, my recs are three vids and a meta post. Hee! *blush*

talitha78's Sexy Back vid is the perfect way to get hyped for Season 6. It's a follow-up to 'Don't Cha' in talitha78's Club!Clex series. The vid includes a lot of Season 5 footage (it's a great way to revisit some of Season 5's big moments without ploughing through the dull stuff--I didn't say that!) And of course there's lots of sexy Lex and smouldering Clark. Yum!

stir_of_echoes has a Kal vid which is total escapism and fun--it made me long for a return of the RedK in Season 6 (though I think it's very unlikely) because boy was RedK!Clark hot! *reels*

capnzebbie has a vid of a different sort. Gethsemane combines footage from the Superman movies with Smallville footage and explores the idea that Clark has to sacrifice his own life to become Superman. The vid explores the way Smallville has presented us with a different take on canon when it comes to Clark's personal journey. It's a very thought-provoking vid, and made this meta girl thinky-happy. *g*

Finally, juxtoppozed has a fascinating post on Clark, Lex and Lois as misfits which has prompted a lot of interesting discussion. Yay meta!

In short, I am a happy SV fangirl.
Tags: smallville, vid_recs

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