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Meta squee!

Follow-up to my post on Queer secrecy in Smallville: slinkling has posted some thoughts on the etymology of Lex's name and on allegory versus normality. She invites you to get meta with her!

Within this post, she observes:
The way Clark is constantly at war with himself, torn between his overwhelming desire to be a normal guy and his ability/responsibility to save the world; the way Lex (especially in early seasons) is always struggling to define himself as an individual, and not just the iconic conqueror or villain that he's apparently destined to be; the way these two recognize and glomp onto each other from their earliest meetings, unable to let go of the only other person in their lives who seems to be fighting the same inner battles between light and dark, between private self-hood and being what the world demands that they be -- these are the aspects of SV that clang in my imagination like it's an echo chamber, that I can't stop amplifying and dissecting and playing with.

Isn't that the most perfect description of SV obsession ever?! *loves*
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