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30 June 2003 @ 01:20 pm
End of evangelion  
This entry is a huge OH MY GOD! about the two 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' movies, which I watched on the weekend. They left me in a very vulnerable emotional state.

That being said, it took a looong time to get there. The first movie, 'Death and rebirth' was a COMPLETE waste of time. 'Death' was simply a recap of the series. Then there was 4 minutes of 'intermission'. 4 ACTUAL MINUTES. On DVD. Played out with a countdown clock. I was in hysterics of laughter as I stared at the otherwise black screen. Then 'Rebirth' began and that was great, except it later turned out to be the first half of the second movie, 'End of Evangelion'. So essentially pointless.

The second movie left me staggering. I have avoided all spoilers on the series in true me fashion, so I was NOT prepared for what happened. And I just want to record a huge 'What the #@*%!?' about, well, just about everything... I am definitely going to now launch into an Internet search for an interpretation, but geeeeez: violence, sexual imagery, abstract metaphorics, abstraction full-stop: it had the lot!

OK, so the two final episodes of the series (which the movie was meant to replace) were pretty unsatisfying, and the movie contained far more of what I wanted (and some of what I definitely did NOT) but it raised SO MANY new questions... like what the floob was with Shinji's final act? (trying hard not to spoil)

I had to demand a lot of hugs from A. after this movie, and he had to listen to be trauma-ing about the death of a certain character for some time. It didn't make me cry the way Utena had the ability to. But I feel it had more slap-you-in-the-face shock impact.