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Project Smallville: The Countdown, Day 2

Today we're celebrating Season One. And you guys are doing us proud by hitting the two pages mark on that post already! Whee! Maybe also because little k posted it early, but that's ok because we LUFF her. So if you haven't already checked it out, head over to this post and share your own Season One favourite moments. Got Season One icons, vids or fics to share? That's the place! And if you need a refresher, frelling_tralk has posted Season One clips.

We also have Day 2 of the Picspam Wars on herohunter's journal. The theme is Smiles.

And remember that the Welcome Post will be open all week to meet and mingle with other fans.

Thanks to everyone for pimping this event and most of all for turning up and having fun. YAY!

ETA: digitalwave has followed up on her manip for Project Smallville yesterday (Obsession, NC-17, Lex) with a manip of Clark: Up, Up & Away (NC-17).

Special Actress Celebration: Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang)
HEY! Don't run away! Seriously, people. I know its Lana, I know we like to bitch about her (I have!), but I'd like you all to consider putting that aside for a moment and checking out goodnightsong's post on Kristin. You just might be surprised by the content! (I, for one, am totally converted to KK's cuteness in real interviews--and quietly optimistic about Lana's character development.) Consider it today's Challenge! ;-)

ETA2: In honour of Project Smallville, theclexfactor has posted clexcest recs.

ETA3: mailerose has made icons from the Pilot episode.

I can't tell you how happy it's making me to see people getting inspired to do their own tribute as part of Project Smallville. *G*

Have I missed anything? Let me know! *bounces*
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