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Project Smallville: The Countdown, Day 6

Is it Day Six already?! Wow! I guess it is. Coming up in a moment, we'll have our Season 4 celebration post--this time by me. :-) But briefly, I wanted to pause and recap.

These are the previous posts, and since there have been lots of updates and additions, I recommend you check back through them. In particular, check out (and congratulate!) some of the brave souls who took the plunge on Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day. And it's definitely not too late if you've been procrastinating! ;-) Also, check the welcome post--new fans are still strolling in and introducing themselves, so check out their intros! Someone accused the Welcome Post of crashing their browser, and for that I am deeply sorry. Well, sort of sorry: it got kinda long!
Welcome Post
Day One Season 1
Day Two Just flailin' around!
Day Three Season 2
Day Four Season 3
Day Five Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day

herohunter and amandajane5 are waging their Picspam Wars of Greatness! And I believe things are also going well on aelora's spoiler threads, though I would not know as I stick my fingers in my ears and hum when I see the word 'spoiler'. ;-)

The word on the street is that Heroes was awesome. I will try and find out for myself super-soon, but meanwhile I have exciting news of my own: I went completely crazy (you noticed?!) on the weekend and bought a MacBook, which is shiny, and today my Battlestar Galactica and Smallville Season 5 DVDs arrived! *squeeeeeeeee*

With all of those activity, I have actually nearly FORGOTTEN that the season premiere is in a couple of day's time! How is that possible?!! Distraction = good for the impatient!

ETA: New Chloe picspam from norwich36.
And the second part of the Erica picspam is up.
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