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Project Smallville: The Countdown, Season 4 Part II

Eeeeep! I am late late late with this. Many apologies. I got carried away with the Season 5 episode commentaries, which I am dying to post about. But I must finish Season 4!

First of all, updates:
Day Six Picspam Wars: EYES
As part of our character celebration series, norwich36 has posted a Chloe picspam, and carpenyx has Part II of her Erica picspam.
cinderella81 has also posted more goodies dedicated to the Project.
And I am probably the last person on my f'list to see this post, but if you haven't made it to mskatej's genius Red Screencappery, then be rushing there now--it had me in fits. *g*

We start where we left of, with Alicia. I loved the crack!fic-ness of the Vegas wedding.

How much did we all want to be her?!


Although it was ouchy, one of the things I loved best about the Alicia plot is how emotional Clark was about it. 'She made me feel normal AND special at the same time!'--ah yes, the key to accessing Clark's capacity for love-and-eternal-devotion.

Alicia, I miss you!

She did leave a legacy--personally one I was all for. Chloe got to see Clark...

... catch a car! Personally, I like to think of it as Alicia's last gift to Clark, for Chloe would prove to be an incredibly loyal and protective best friend--in my eyes a lot more worthy of carrying his secret than Pete.

We learnt that Lois could drink frat boys under the table. How much do I love that she's wearing her pjs?!

And could kick ass in bunny slippers! I gather some people didn't like this plot, but personally I loved that she was so tough and indifferent to people--but that in this episode she confronted the terrible thing she'd done and changed, quitting drinking. Lois's capacity for self-reflection and change is, imo, one of her best qualities.

Personally I was very fond of Krypto--I'm a dog person. I could watch Tommy play with a dog ALL DAY. Don't they have great chemistry?!

Plus we got to see Lois and Clark scooby together.

Lois's sister Lucy dropped in to wreak havoc, but I was fine with that since it meant the first Lex-Lois interaction. Look--he's so thinking 'Clark, why have you brought these two troublesome women into my life?!'

One of my favourite actors guest-starred. Highlander fans, where are you???

And we got a Clexy rescue.

Lois and Lex alpha-ed it out over who would play protective parental figure.

I love them in adversary mode, but it was also great to see Lex really recognise something of himself in Lois's protective instincts, and in her heartbreak over her sibling (he was of course having heartbreaky over his own surrogate 'sibling', Clark--god, SV is good at parallels!)

Meanwhile, the Teagues plot was escalating. It all got very incestuous.

I've got great fondness for the Jex interaction.

And of course, it landed them in a Chinese prison together. The writers had been reading too much slash, clearly.

Clark and Lana had to go free their boyfriends! Ok, that wasn't exactly what happened.

Lots of good bondage fun ensued.

Kristin did some awesome work in Spirit--and she looked absolutely spectacular. The Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon shoutout was fine by me, as I'm a big martial-arts-wire-work fan. Whee!

I love how she looks completely different in this role--she really is channeling a different character.

Then Michael got to break free in Onyx, playing Alexander as well as his 'good' self, in what was definitely a season standout episode.

There was important Lexana kissage.

And Michael took the dull line 'Yes, I know about the green meteor rocks and Clark's unique gifts' and turned it into a masterfully humourous line. Totally one of my favourite ever moments--I adore his delivery.

Alexander in humour is quite chilling, though I loooove that Lex has this dark sense of humour--every time someone pushes him, you can see that ironic smirk flicker on his lips.

They finally gave Annette something new to do--in the bodyswap ep. This ep also contained one of my favourite lines--Clark saying 'crown's mine, bitch!'

And hey, look! It's Dee from BSG in really bad make-up!!

Another random thing I liked about this season? Lex's Inbox!! In this shot, we can see that Clark's titled his email 'Haven't heard from you in a while'. Awwwww--woobie!

The lowest point of the season for me was Ageless, but I know some people loved seeing Daddy!Clark.

And there was always the Big Gay Rainbow Explosion to redeam things!

The Teague plot ended with red hot pokers.

Which thrust Lex and Lionel back together as allies--if only briefly. Well, more like hunted animals really.

Lex's last visit to Clark's loft left me with heartache and chills--as it should.

And the kids left school forever!

And everyone went a bit nuts towards the end of the season as the frenzy for the Stones accelerated.

One of the most interesting things for me out of Lana's storyline, was that it ended in her killing Genevieve Teague.

I think Kristin did a great job with this--coming out from under Isobel's influence shaky and confronted with her dark self. It also created a great parallel with Alexander, and of course it was Lex she turned to to help her 'clean up'. I think the emotional 'clean up' is still going on for both of them in Season 5--because they've both been to such dark places within their souls and need to find acceptance of that.

Hero moment!

I loved the Chloe-Lex interaction in Commencement--I'm just sorry that they let it slide in Season 5. I also started to love the way everyone, Chloe included, became a 'player' in the competition for the Stones. And Lex rose to the challenge by becoming more insular and self-centred. If everyone's a player, and no-one's loyal, he'll just beat them ALL.

Clark ended up in the middle of nowhere--which was OMG!SOEXCITING!!!!

Lois watched the world fall apart.

And Lana got her life-changing glimpse of alien technology.

Phew! I think we're done! Let me know if I've missed your favourite Season 4 moment!! There was so much to cover.
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