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Project Smallville: The Countdown, Day 7

OMG, OMG, only a day to go!! And that means today we're celebrating Season 5. Our host for the Season 5 celebration post is goodnightsong.

In Day Seven of picspam wars, we have Smallville shots, and watch out for Favorites tomorrow in amandajane5 AND herohunter's journal!

In other news, _touched has posted:
LANA LANG: THROUGH THE YEARS FAN MIX and LANA LANG (KK): THE PROMO'S BABY!!! If you haven't checked out the fanmix yet, I definitely recommend doing so--even if you're not a Lana fan, you'll admire the effort _touched and goodnightsong have put in to this.

All the earlier posts for the week can be found here.

Nearly there! Tomorrow I'll do a round-up post, and later in the day mskatej will be hosting a pre-premiere party in her journal.

ETA: How could I forget that I have comm pimping to do?!?! For Lose Your Fannish Virginity Day, chimosa and kristiinthedark set up the comm 50_in_50, a Clex Fanfiction challenge. They really outdid themselves--go forth and join them in their endeavour! (more fic, more fic!! *bounces*)

And radioreverie has opened a comm specifically for Smallville's Lois Lane, loislane_sv, where you can post meta, fic, fanart, pictures, etc. related to SV's Lois. \o/

ETA2: Meta girl that I am, I'm super-excited about this next one: norwich36 has taken over administration of eat_crow which had lapsed into inactivity. This used to be THE place for SV meta, and we can make it so again. To vote on what you'd like to see in the comm, go here, and I know Nora's got lots of great ideas. *g*

ETA3 cinderella81 has more goodies at her journal for Day 7--and I think she should get a special prize for posting something every day of The Countdown! arianstarr has more icons from our 5 favourite Season 5 eps at her journal.

And ladydreamer has posted a Chloe-tribute picspam, which means we've now had multiple posts for Lana, Lois and Chloe! \o/ YAY!
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