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Project Smallville: The Countdown, BLASTOFF!!!!

I know my f'list is already exploding with excitement about the premiere, and if you aren't already there, head to mskatej's End of Countdown PARTY!

And that's not all! amandajane5 and herohunter share their favourite Tom and Michael shots for the final day of Picspam wars.

amandajane5 has also generously shared some of the video clips she has gathered over her years in SV fandom--if you haven't checked these out yet, you really should! There are some absolute gems.

And norwich36 has posted an SV Meta Greatest Hits post at eat_crow. Where are my meta girls?!?!?! Go there to share your favourite essays and ep reviews from the first five seasons. It's going to be my first stop after getting this post up.

If you think you've missed something during the week (chances are you have! chances are I have, there's been so much going on!), these are my: Project Smallville: The Countdown posts.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from everyone this week, and I have to thank SO many people! *takes a deep breath* amandajane5 and herohunter for their Picspam Wars, kristiinthedark, teot, toadstoolsmiles and goodnightsong for the Season Celebration posts, carpenyx, norwich36 and goodnightsong for character celebration posts, aelora for running the spoiler chat, mskatej for the party I'm missing RIGHT NOW, and absolutely everyone who turned up, made their own posts, commented, squeeed and generally made the week the huge success it has been. I hope you had even HALF as much fun as I did. *waves to new friends* It's been great getting to know you!

To the lucky peeps who get to watch SV in a couple of hours: I hope it's all we're hoping for! And please cross your fingers for a fast torrent for me tonight. (And if anyone gets a fast one, K would be most grateful to hear of such! ;-) )

::group-hugs f'list::


ETA: arianstarr has finished her series of Season 5 icons.
yavannuk has posted fic of Clex through the five seasons.

And my f'list is about to become the 'no-fly zone' in case of spoilers for the (aired) ep, so if you want me to link to something, you better drop me a note in the comments--I'll be hiding. ;-)
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