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New friends

I've made several new friends in the last couple of weeks, mostly through Smallville activities. *waves* So I thought I'd quickly let you know a little about me. Apart from Smallville, my other main fandom is Battlestar Galactica, though I've been sadly neglecting it recently--that's about to change because season 3 kicks off this week. \o/

I don't often post personal stuff in this LJ, but you can find out a bit more about me here:Ten Things To Know About Me.

Since many of you met me during, Project Smallville: The Countdown, I should tell you that I don't usually post quite so much. ;-)

Mostly I write Smallville episode reviews, Smallville essays and BSG episode reviews. Occasionally, I also post picspam or vid recs!

I also have a Books Filter, as I use this journal to keep track of what I read. To avoid spamming everyone with my thoughts on my weekly reading matter, I post these on a filter. If you wish to be added to the filter, please leave a comment--anyone's welcome! Book chat is good. ;-) (I cut-tag spoilers.)

Apart from that, my fandom activities include betaing, gathering links for the sv_ledger (if you haven't got it friended, why not?!) and obsessive icon gathering and vid watching. *g* And although I am principally an SV fan, I do have many people on my f'list from other fandoms (principally BSG) who I love and adore (and I always feel vaguely guilty for spamming them with SV stuff!).

Other shows I currently watch and enjoy: Doctor Who, House, Ouran, Six Feet Under (still playing catch-up)
Shows I occasionally watch but have a love/hate relationship with: Lost, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes (giving it a go)
Shows I have loved in the past: BtVS, AtS, Star Trek (Voyager is fave), Utena, Northern Exposure, X-Files, Lois and Clark, Band of Brothers

My good habits: If I read or dl anything, I comment, and I also try to respond to comments promptly. You can ask me anything--I prefer honesty and openness, so please don't be shy. And if you want to point out a bad habit that I have, then you are very welcome to! I don't promise to change, but I do promise to listen. I love and encourage meta discussion and random squeeing. :-)
My bad habits: After a year in fandom, I've concluded that I'm a lazy fic reader--please don't take it personally--the lure of my bookshelf is often too much for me. I have grand plans of catching up on all my friends' fic one day... but this may just be a pipedream. Also, I usually ignore rants, not because I don't care but because I prefer to focus on the positive, as fandom is my break from work politics and stress. I'm a spoilerphobe, which I know some people find annoying--but usually everyone's wonderfull about that (thank you all!). I confess I read on filters when I'm very busy, as my real life commitments are extensive--however I read my friends list in full whenever I can, and I make an effort to get to know new friends.

If you want to know anything, please ask; and once again, welcome new friends! I look forward to getting to know you better.
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