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Heroes 1.09 (wheeeeee!!!)

This episode was all sorts of brilliant, but my favourite moment, by far, was Claire's punch-out of Jackie in defence of Zach. I nearly paused in my viewing to squee about it on LJ! ;-) And Claire was elected by all the nerds actually cool people (including the guy in the Battlestar Galactica t-shirt!). Whoo! \o/ This makes me love Zach SO MUCH! And his little speech when 'rescuing' Claire later on was awesome too. I love that Claire smiled when Jackie called him 'your boyfriend the girlfriend'--she's reached the same 'omg!youloser!!' position on such calls as Zach already has. YAY!

On the list of people I do not like is (still) Simone, whose incoherent characterisation continued to baffle me. Why does she believe Peter? And if she does believe Peter, why does she let him go off to possibly die?! Also, why does everyone seem so certain that Peter will die? (I suspect the answer is simply: overstatement for the purposes of drama by the writing team.) Because while he looked seriously injured, he could have been taken to hospital after that... especially if, say, Simone had come along and helped him. Grrr! And don't tell me she's got a gallery to run all of a sudden--that never stopped her mooching around with him or Isaac before!

Nathan's motivation I found far easier to understand. If I saw a disturbing, possibly prophetic painting of my sibling seriously injured, possibly dead, and my sibling was hellbent on recreating this scenario (having already jumped off a building), I might destroy the painting so he wouldn't see it too... and I like Nathan in protector role. I liked his calm 'I am' reply to Simone's waffly 'I'm not sure what I believe any more'. Nathan's firmness of direction is very attractive, even if it is at odds with the plot. If/when he does come on board with the others, he's going to be a powerful ally for his determination and commitment.

Peter on his own was far, far, more interesting than when he's waffling around with Simone (or Mohinder). I found him convincingly heroic for the first time in this episode, even though for a while there I thought his assistance was going to be limited to telling Claire to run and slowing her down by chatting to her on the way. When it did come, I thought his leap with Sylar was genuinely very brave. And it was confronting to see him struggle with Claire's regeneration--that really is a harsh power to have. (The feminist in me is glad that we've seen a guy have that power now too, if only transiently.)

Mohinder got a clue! YAY!! \o/ I *lol*'d a lot during his scenes because he's such a daftie! Yes, honey, you DO have a question: remember that big blinking sign on your computer screen for half of last week's ep?! And of course you already know the answer. Ever heard of looking inside yourself?! *giggle* His daftness amuses me, which is good, because it could be infuriating. I liked the dreamwalker-boy too--very intriguing. And it was really exciting when all the names came up on the computer.

This episode managed to show us progression in several storylines, which I was really grateful for. We also had progress in the Nikki-Micah-DL plot, and I liked the scene where Mycah opened up to his father a lot. I was also really pleased to see DL turn back once Mycah had explained about Jessica and Nikki being sick. DL didn't know the degree to which Nikki was (not) in control of Jessica, so the revelation was important. It's also interesting that Micah thinks Nikki doesn't know about Jessica--until recently that was true, and I guess Micah hasn't been privy to her moments of insight. Please let DL live! He seems like a really nice (if a bit daft) guy, and a far better parent than Nikki!

Loving Mr Bennett too. And I guessed that Mrs Bennett would let her daughter escape--she's Mr B's Achilles heel. I suspect his work absorbs him to such an extent that he neglects her (if not the rest of his family), and he paid the price... though Claire is safe.

The showdown with Sylar was exciting--having Jackie actually get killed was unexpected, and I liked the way they played with the interchangeable cheerleaders--the 'true' cheerleader and the 'fake' one. And now Sylar is in the hands of Mr B.! That will be very interesting indeed. The Evil Pixie was marginally more interesting this episode, though I still found her less than persuasive in dialogue with Mr B. (She needed to elaborate a lot more to persuade him against manipulating Isaac.) I can work with that though--I like the irony in a mindcontroller having poor 'real' verbal persuasive powers. She and the mind-wiping guy are a pretty killer team though. Also, the Pixie's wardrobe is amusing me--she's gone all black and stilletto heeled--ohhhh eeeeevil!pixie! still not scared!

Hiro and Ando! Poor Ando's still waiting for him... I was really glad to see Peter hook up with Ando at least briefly. And it was also good to see him forge on despite them: good heroic persistence there. But mostly I'm glad Ando at least got to see the photograph to know that Hiro did get back in time. I'm looking forward to (presumably) the next ep following this plot thread.

This show's not having a break is it? ::confused by US TV schedules::
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