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Friday Night Lights 1.08

I really need to start learning episode titles for this show. :-) OMG, episode 8 was so gooooood! My love for this show has reached new heights.

Until now I've been a little 'meh' about the Coach, though I loved his family dynamic. But last night he undid me with his 'fatherly advice'. And his daughter's response was so perfect--her 'in the interests of full disclosure' speech was adorable. Is this what functional families are like?! THEY'RE SO CUTE! O.O And then he was so lovely with Jason! I'm converted to Coach. *g*

I love, love, loved Jason in this episode. I'm so glad he didn't buy Lyla's bullshit and went with his gut instinct that something was going on between her and Tim. And, damn, the scene where he proved himself on the court and then punched Tim was fantastic! As was his fight with his roommate--sooo funny when they had to 'call for Phil' to get back on the chairs!

Even though I love Tim, he deserved that punch, for sure, and that victory needed to be Jason's. Though my heart bled for Tim when Jason called out that he was a coward and always will be. Coming on top of his fight with his brother, that's bad news for Tim--he's likely to go into lockdown and fulfil that prophecy out of stubbornness. And the peas! *lol* I loved that they ended up being used for his black eye. His fight with his brother in their pigsty of a home was so tragically cringe-enducing. Oh, Tim!

And Matty was so lovely in this ep! I'm so glad he challenged Smash about the cash register. And wow, that was a shocking twist in the Smash plot--the church collection! *reels* You know, I actually deluded myself that that was going to guilt him into not getting the drugs. More fool me! That's right: this is show is about real people. And real people do stupid, stupid things. *loves*

I'm desperate for more, but am having to slow down my viewing simply to allow the emotional impact from each ep to settle naturally.

Oh, and if anyone missed it, I highly recommend scribblinlenore's Heroes/Smallville crossover. It's Lex/Peter with (very well done) hints of Nathan and the premise is perfect.
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