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Friday Night Lights 1.09-1.12

So I'm all caught up on Friday Night Lights. *bounces* Everyone was right: I now officially love Matt. And Matt and Julie as a couple--they're too cute for words and such good-hearted kids. The episode where Matt's dad came back from Iraq made me very edgy--I really wanted Matt to get free of his father, so I was a little surprised by the twist that had him stay in town for a while... not sure what I thought of that, other than that it gave us the chance to see that Matt's father is not a complete monster, just weak. In the face of such parenting, Matt's an angel. It's far far simpler to sink into anger with a difficult parent than to admit, at that age, that they're doing their best. Hell, it's taken me nearly 30 years to admit that about my parents... Matt, I tip my hat to you!

I also love Tyra now--I loved her in 1.12--she was so wonderful with her mother and I love that she didn't take Tim back, just bit back the tears and shook her head in dismay. She's so wonderfully strong, yet so frustrated by her life. And I may have got a little tear when her mother chose her not the loser guy.

And I love this Waverley (sp?) chick! She's the best thing to happen to Smash's plot yet. I love that she's intelligent and feisty and mocks his use of the third-person. I love that she's not a pushover. It was hilarious that Smash claimed he hung out with Matt and Julie--I'm glad W saw through that in an instant. Hope we get more of her, she's excellent value!

Tim's being challenged in his favourite status, but I did adore the plot about his English paper. Oh, how much money would I give to read that?! *g* It was hilarious that he went to Landry's band's concert as well. Oh, Tim! And I liked the way we saw his acceptance of the bullying, but his defence of Lyla.

My least favourite episode so far was definitely the cheerleading one--no surprises there. I have to second Julie in her opinion that it's the only thing more pointless than football. And don't get me started about how this woman's 'sport' exists only in relation to and in support of a male sport. The farce of having the football team (so patronisingly gracious) support the women--for a week, oh how GENEROUS--just made it worse. So I cringed. And I didn't really buy that Lyla did care that much about cheering--who could? But again, that could be the weak actress not selling it to me. Meh. (Clarification: I don't mean to diss the dedication required by cheerleaders or their athleticism--it's incredible--but why it has to be about men is beyond me. Just ditch the pom poms and call it gymnastics already!)

Jason's plot has evolved further than I ever expected it to. When he returned home I suddenly realised that we were really going to see his journey over a long time--somehow until I thought we might settle into a bit of a status quo with Jason in the hospital. In moving home, new issues have arisen in Jason's plot that makes me appreciate the writing/direction even more. The sueing of Coach is a really challenging one. Ouch! Wow--America's litigious culture strikes again. I thought they did a good job of explaining why the parents felt so trapped into this decision, which certainly is an unappealing and unsympathetic one. But I'm a little foggy on what the grounds are: so Coach didn't give Jason any tackling training? Er... that sounds a bit implausible for a sport based on running into people? I'm clearly missing a subtelty here. *frowns*

Oh, and Tami is so great! I loved it when Julie came home and told her parents she loved them and Tami realised something terrible must have happened while Coach just say there going 'aww!'. Hee!

Anyway, much love all round for this show. YAY!

I've finished A Storm of Swords at last and am now scouring Melbourne for Book 4. Yes, queenofthorns, I was very much converted to Jaime by the end of the novel! *g*

I saw 'Babel' the other day--it wasn't bad, but I thought it was self-indulgent in places and needed a tighter edit. Looking forward to seeing Cate Blanchett in a few more movies this year--I know she's got a lot coming out. Hopefully she'll have more to do than just writhe in pain in the next ones. ;-)
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