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Heroes 1.12 Godsend

And finally Heroes is back!! Nothing has changed. *smiles serenely* Which is a strange thing to say about an episode in which many characters struggled with paradigm shifts where there worldview was concerned... but this was my predominant feeling on watching the first post-hiatus ep. Nathan and Hiro still rock my world, Nikki drives me crazy, Mohinder still rambles pointlessly, Claire's story is moving and compelling, and Eden is REALLY DEAD. Wheeee!!! Heroes, is back!!

This ep was a bit of a mixed bag, but did a good job of moving the show into a new phase. I particularly enjoyed seeing the new mature Claire, struggling with the knowledge that her life has been built on the lies of her father. I love that she decided to recreate her friendship with Zach. What a relief! I did not want Zach to be lost! And it was great that despite no sign from him, she still saw him as inherently trustworthy.

In parallel fashion, I really like that Matt is finally opening up to his wife--our heroes are going to need trustworthy support in the journey ahead, and while these relationships with people who don't have powers may prove full of tensions, they're also a potential source of strength.

Mohinder = Meh

Nikki--urgh! if she was smart, she'd a) see that a plea of multiple personality disorder is going to be quite convincing in her case and perhaps her only hope, b) see that some psychiatric help might actually help her! Because she sure as hell hasn't got together, even as Nikki. Who's to say that some psych techniques might not help strengthen her defences against Jessica no matter how 'real' Jessica is?! Urgh. They expect me still to have sympathy for her when she whines about wanting to hug her kid and then acts shocked when Jessica kicks into action? Jessica succeeds because Nikki is so damn weak--what did she expect would happen on a prison visit?

Let's get back to the good stuff...

Nathan! Nathan and Peter!! Nathan and Hiro!!! I loved Nathan's decision to find out more about what was going on with Simone, and I loved his 'the world doesn't work like this' line getting undercut by the (non)coincidental arrival of Hiro! So cool, and so cute! Plus, any opportunity to see Nathan and Hiro interact is fun. I *lol*'d at the big zoom-in they did on Nathan's face when Hiro entered. Hee! And I just adore that despite his natural disbelief, Nathan is facing the evidence of others with powers--I'm especially glad that it's his personal connection to Hiro that's making it particularly easy to swallow. Because it's pretty hard to meet Hiro and not be charmed by how open and genuine he is--so when he tells you crazy things (that make sense connected to everything else), it's hard not to trust him.

So Claire's world's been turned upside down, Nathan's world's been turned upside down, and Peter is facing the fact that he may be the one who destroys the world, rather than saves it. I love that! This is exactly the sort of plot twist I needed to keep me sympathetic to Peter. When he was all 'oh, great is my destiny!' I found him insufferable. Give him some good old inner pain and I'm content! :-) Plus, it allows Nathan space to do the protective big-brother thing... speaking of which, KISSAGE! I try to fight the Petrellicest, I do... I really do... but they make it sooooo diiiiificult! *whines*

Hiro was so damn cute with that fake sword! He took it back: awww! And I love how everything is leading to Linderman. I don't have much more to say at this point in time, but I'm glad the show's back.

Oh, and it's still SO DAMN PRETTY!

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