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Friday Night Lights 1.13

I need to have more than one Friday Night Lights icon! Though I do love Tim and his peas, it's not always appropriate. ;-)

I'm so glad it's back! I've been itching for more ever since catching up on the first twelve episodes. And it continues to deliver...

I adore Tyra now--she may be my favourite character, though there's fierce competition. But I am so pleased that we're seeing her plot with her mother continue, because I really love her commitment to her mother. And her speech to her in this episode was so beautiful--she's so self-aware and honest about her fear of becoming her mother. And changing the wheel! I love that Tyra's reached this place where she's had it with leaning on men, and she's seeking something better, not just for herself but for her mother as well. I worry for her though, because her mother is weak, and it seems as if this secretary job won't quite lead to being free of men's attention... but time will tell.

One thing I love about this show is how it shows how incestuous small town life can be--Tyra and her mum sitting around in the diner talking about boys sitting a couple of tables away from them--the whole seat-swapping thing with Jason and Lyla--it's just so oppressive!

Anyway, I adored Tyra getting Tim to ask for her--and that Tim did it without anything in it for him. There were some classic Tim lines this episode. 'I get that a lot' re. bad timing was my favourite. It made me lol--oh, Tim! And 'believe it or not, it's not all about sex for me' was pretty good too. :-p I was chuffed that he got another big hero moment on the field with Matty as well.

As for Matty, my heart continues to bleed for him. He gets that shaky hesitant drawl in his voice when he's feeling vulnerable and it totally does me in! I really love that Julie is becoming 'part of the family'. And grandma was so cheery this episode! She was adorable. I'm not sad to see the back of Dad, apart from the obvious effect on Matt. And I loved that Matt's got the smarts where the plays are concerned--I wish the coach had been a bit more gracious about that.

Smash's plot has been really well set up and I enjoyed the confrontations with his mother. Neither Smash nor his mother have my complete sympathy in the situation, since she's certainly contributed to the pressure Smash feels, but the reconciliation was great because both of them conceded the pressure he was under. I hope he really does go clean now--though he's going to have to keep a tight lid on that ego of his to do so.

Jason proposed! Wow! I don't like it (because I don't like Lyla), but I do think it's brilliant drama, and the way he got to that place is convincing. I love the way Jason is searching for a way to do the best with his situation. That's what makes him so sympathetic to me despite his decisions--because in general, I'd be more likely to take Tyra's line on things and say 'what the hell are you doing?' I thought it was brilliant that Lyla pointed out that Jason's friend would actually dump her and date Tyra if he was in Jason's shoes--in my ideal world, that's exactly what Jason would do. But I get that he loves Lyla--we don't necessarily love those who are good for us--and I see how to him this is the strongest act he can perform at this point in time. And if she accepts, I know it will drive him to make a success of his life. He wants and needs that. I can't wait to see how the drama unfolds, even if it's not going to be pretty.

Not sure what I think of Coach's wife taking the campaign position yet, other than it's promising for lots more fun conflicts between her and her husband. I love that she's so assertive with him, and that she drives him nuts but he adores her anyway.

Was I the only one who would have loved to have heard more about this psych study of players and cheerleaders? Because that sounded interesting to me, and I wished it had actually been part of the plot. The psychology of that sports culture is so strange and fascinating to me (though disturbing)--it would be fun to see what they could make of textualising that on the show.

Anyway, FNL is still my favouritest new thing! *treasures it*
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